Jim Larkin: The legendary activist who rose from abject poverty to lead the biggest trade union in Ireland

Jim Larkin was one of the greatest activists in Ireland whose legacy has lived to see the New Millennium. He was born into Irish parents who lived in the slums of Toxteth, Liverpool.

Jim Larkin got little education since his parents could not afford to take him to school. He experienced numerous challenges while growing up, which forced him to start doing menial jobs at a young age. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

He was employed as a casual laborer by the Liverpool dock and thereafter promoted to become the foreman of the dock. His colleagues liked him because he was straightforward and believed in treating everyone equally. Those who knew him to say that Jim Larkin did not take bribes to give men work. Besides, he did not smoke nor take alcohol.

He became popular among the dock workers when he led several strikes in 1907 in Belfast and Dublin. Jim Larkin was dissatisfied with the way employers treated their employees. During his time, Dublin workers were lowly paid and they could hardly manage to take care of their families.

His devotion towards helping other workers fight for their employment rights earned him a position in the National Union of Dock Laborers. He, however, fell out with the union officials when he organized strikes against their will. He was sent to Dublin where he founded ITGWU.

With the new trade union, Jim Larkin wanted to bring all the industrial workers under one roof where they could bargain for their rights as one unit.

He managed to unite the Catholics and Protestants, who at the time could not eat from the same table. In 1913, Jim Larkin organized the Dublin Lockout, a standoff between the Dublin workers and employers that lasted for nearly eight months.

Many of his colleagues referred to him as the “Big Jim”. He stood well over six feet tall with a huge body. Jim Larkin was an excellent orator and his meetings attracted thousands of people who came to listen to him.

Jim Larkin was a thorn in the flesh of authority everywhere he went to. After the failed Dublin lockout, he went to the U.S where he was indicted for attempting to overthrow the government. He was sentenced to serve five years in jail but he was later pardoned and deported to Ireland.


Susan McGalla Women in Business

There are multiple debates taking place around the country concerning women in leadership roles. Some females feel like they have to struggle to earn respect in a corporate work environment. Other women feel like they have the same opportunities as men. The gender pay gap is a massive problem in the economy. Many people feel like they are being left behind in their career.

Susan McGalla is someone who has had a ton of success in the business world. She started from the bottom and worked her way into an executive position. She is the type of person who wants to make a positive impact on those around her. She spends a lot of time and energy mentoring young females at her company. Anyone who wants to learn from her has the opportunity to do so.

College and Early Career

Susan McGalla went to college because she wanted to excel in her career. While she was in school, she had to work multiple jobs to pay the bills. During this experience, she learned valuable lessons about managing her schedule. Susan McGalla was busy while she was in school, but she still managed to develop quality relationships with people around her.

Advancing in Corporate America

When Susan McGalla graduated from college, she received a job offer from a major company in the area. She was excited about the chance to prove her knowledge and skills. Although she had to take a menial position, she did a great job and was quickly promoted.

Susan McGalla speaks around the country at various women’s events. She is an inspirational leader who wants to teach other women how to succeed. Anyone who wants to take their career to a new level should listen to her advice. Susan McGalla has done a great job inspiring others to reach their goals.

Find out more abuot Susan McGalla: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=10051123&privcapId=332273

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Lacey and Larkin fight Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio was reelected as the Sheriff of Maricopa County for six terms, and it almost looked like the controversial Sheriff was undefeatable. However, this would change after he lost his 7th for reelection in 2016. After he lost the seat, he was taken to court to answer for crimes he had committed while serving as the Sheriff.

He was found guilty of contempt of courts for failing to comply with an earlier ruling made while he was the sheriff. He was supposed to stop all cases of discrimination against immigrants, but he never stopped. He was to be convicted in late 2017, but this did not happen as President Trump pardoned him. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Joe Arpaio 24 years in office were marked by the worst cases of human right violations in the county of Maricopa. He presided over a regime that did not respect the rule of law and acted with the savagery of the highest degree. While serving as the Sheriff, he caught the attention of the country by allegations of human discrimination which were going on in his county.

The Latinos were the most affected by the discrimination that was going on at the time. He made sure that everyone who did not have documents to allow them to live in the country were hunted down like animals and place in concentration camps awaiting deportation back to the countries.

The worst cases of discrimination now happened in these concentration camps. With a high number of people placed in these concentration camps, the living conditions were unbearable. The camps lacked a supply of basic human needs such as water and food. The temperatures in the camps were also unbearable. It was almost impossible to live under such conditions.

Joe Arpaio, however, continued to expose hundreds of immigrants to such conditions forgetting that despite the nationality of a human being, their human rights should always be respected. Joe Arpaio did not show respect for human rights despite being an official of the government.

The actions of Joe Arpaio were exposed why Phoenix New Times which was owned by two journalists- Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two journalist followed up on what he was doing and decided to expose him to the world.

The expose would, however, earn them a night in the concentration camps after Arpaio ordered for their arrest. They were released on the followi9ng morning following condemnation of the arrest by media stations all over the country.

Lacey and Larkin in 2017 launched a website known as “Front Page Confidential” to highlight cases of First Amendmentin the country. In April 2018, they were arrested by the FBI on allegations of committing crimes while running a website known as Backpage.com which they had earlier sold in 2015.

The FBI arrested the two in a swoop that also involved the closure of their website. Currently, they are awaiting trial and will be charged with 93 counts of breaking the law. According to the Front Page Confidential, the latest move is just an attempt to shut them up and stop them from highlighting the First Amendments cases in the country.

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The Success of OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership

The 43 years’ experience of Sheldon Lavin in the food industry has made him transform from a financial expert career to a distinguished executive in one of the most successful meat companies in the world. His first experience in the food industry was when he joined OSI Group in 1970 when the company was still recognized as Otto & Sons. The small company then used to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s Inc.

His journey to OSI Group foundation

After Sheldon Lavin started working with Otto & Sons, the company began to expand as it looked for investments overseas. As the company progressed, Otto resigned due to his age and left his two sons to manage the business, and because of Lavin’s experience and knowledge in financial investment, he became a partner to the company. He helped Otto & Sons to get new ventures while securing sufficient funds that would help the company operate worldwide. To this end, the company changed its name to OSI Group, making it grow into a global brand. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin¸, the company has increased its revenue as well recruit a large number of staff.

Leading the company towards internationalization

Sheldon became the sole controller of OSI Group after the two sons sold to him their shares. Up to date, he still remains the chief executive officer (CEO) and is still continuing to foster its growth in the global market. Amidst the fact that the company has over 55 facilities distributed across the globe, Sheldon Lavin still pushes for the construction of more plants, particularly in China. In addition, the company has expanded its territories to Australia, Philippines, South America and India.

Awards earned during his tenure

Sheldon has been present with several awards since he landed his position at the company. His first award was the 2016 Global Visionary Award which he received as a result of his ability to create employment opportunities. During his tenure as the CEO and Chairman of the company, OSI Group received different awards which recognized its contribution to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Furthermore, he has been referred to as a philanthropist as he has participated greatly in charities. His contributions have supported different organizations including Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Chicago girls and boys Clubs, and the Jewish United Fund. Sheldon hopes that the company will be able to serve every country.

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Leadership Skills Rick Shinto and Penelope Have Brought to Innovacare Health

When health is not valued, then nothing else is valued! Good health is the most important thing in anyone’s life and taking good care of it is a great responsibility. The world of healthcare today has become a complex industry. There are actually many health corporations, health centers and hospitals being run and managed by experienced and trained executives. This has caused many other health companies come up with the intention of offering good health services to people. However, not every health company has been able to perform like the other. InnovaCare Health is one of the health companies that have proved to be the most competent and experienced in the health industry.


The main aim of this company is making the world a better place for everyone. The leaders in this company have worked tirelessly hard to ensure the clients get the health services they need. It makes sure it doesn’t promise health services to people, which it can’t offer. As a healthcare company, InnovaCare Health has ensured that most of the individuals living in North America have benefited from this company in a great way. The two major healthcare services this company offers include the Provider Networks, as well as, Medicare Advantage. This company is also known to have some serious interests in Medicare programs. InnovaCare Health looks forward to having sustainable and affordable healthcare services and also products to all its clients.


The company is praised by many people for having the latest technological systems in its programs. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are some of the top executives who have made it easier for InnovaCare Health to accomplish a lot so far in the health industry. Besides being the President of the company, Rick Shinto also happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of this healthcare company. He had initially served at Aventa Inc. as the CEO and President at the same time before coming to work at InnovaCare Health. His impact at NAMM California is still felt since the time he worked there as the Chief Medical Officer.


The contributions of Penelope Kokkinides in InnovaCare Health cannot be undermined either. The role she plays here as the Chief Administrative Officer is great and with great impact. She served as the Chief Operating Officer before she was promoted to the position of CAO. The healthcare world has known her expertise and skills for more than 20 years now. She studied biological sciences and classical languages at Binghampton University and later went to the New York University for further studies.


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OSI Group Expands Its Operations Nationally and Internationally

OSI Group is a private company based in Aurora, Illinois, USA. The company’s business revolves mainly on the provision of processed foods to the food service and retail industries all over the globe.

In a recent move to cover more territory in Europe OSI Group purchased a dominant supervisory ownership in Baho Food, which is a privately managed Dutch firm that is engaged in meat processing products along with other food products for the retail and food service sector. The merger and control agreement between the OSI Group and Baho Food is still underway.

Baho Food manages facilities in the Netherlands and in Germany together with its other holding companies namely QSmart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Frischwaren, and Genderland. The cited companies have around 60 years of presence in the industry of convenience snacks and foods along with the retail of deli meats that have been of service to customers covering 18 countries in Europe.

According to David G. McDonald, OSI Group’s Chief Operating Officer and President, the inclusion of Baho Food in OSI’s business in Europe will provide OSI with a larger market share in the European region. He said that Baho’s range of brands and products matches OSI’s present operating assets that enhance its ability to meet the different needs of the company’s clientele.

The Managing Director of Baho Food, John Balvers, will be retained together with his complete managerial team, who will work close closely with the Senior Management Leaders of OSI to develop a future program that will be beneficial for both companies in the long run.

John Balvers said that he is looking forward to working with the OSI Group, since OSI has successfully established a good relationship with its suppliers and customers. The combined assets of the two companies will give both the extraordinary leverage to serve their respective customers along with the capacity to provide more products and services. He added that the merger will hasten the attainment of their objectives and their steady growth for the future.

In conjunction with its procurement of Baho Foods’ s majority shares for management control, the OSI Group also publicly broadcasted its intention to purchase Tyson Foods in Chicago.

Amidst its merger and acquisition plans, OSI’ s main interest is the impact of its operations internationally as it endeavors to retain a viable and progressive relationship with the communities and people it serves within the food retail industry.

Contact OSI Group: www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

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Jeremy Goldstein: Man with the Best Plan

When it comes to employee benefits and picking the right compensation method, there’s no one New York corporations trust more than Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein has more than 15 years experience dealing with executive compensation and corporate governance. He’s also a partner at his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

When he’s not working, he’s dedicating his time to local nonprofits. He’s not really into just giving them money; he prefers to actually sit on the board of those charities and offer his support that way. The main charity he works with is called Fountain House, which is dedicated to the recovery of patients with mental illness.

Currently, Jeremy Goldstein spends most of his professional time talking with clients about employee benefits. It’s a sad fact that a lot of corporations have stopped providing stock options. Stock options used to be the number-one benefit that companies offers but not anymore.

This recent change in corporate behavior has to do with companies not wanting to risk their employees’ benefits. Employees also don’t want stock options anymore; they want higher salaries and better insurance coverage. Most companies see no reason not to give them what they want.

Regardless of how people feel about stock options, Jeremy Goldstein recommends that more companies should continue offering them. Stock options come with more advantages than any other form of compensation. Just because they’re also the riskiest doesn’t mean that companies should eliminate them entirely.

Jeremy Goldstein is not saying that every company should provide stock options. Some companies would do better offering some other benefit if they decide to offer benefits at all. Some companies are too small for that at their present size. The only way to know is to talk with an accountant. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-goldstein-26aa1b4

That’s one thing that Jeremy Goldstein and the opposition can agree on; talking to an accountant. Before any company makes a final decision, they should talk with their accountant. If they decide to go with stock options, they’ll need to talk about which stock option is best for them.

There’s more than one type of stock option. Jeremy Goldstein recommends companies look into “knockout” stock options. They come with all the benefits and less risks. Knockout options also prevent people from acting on impulse by not allowing them to cancel the option until the value drops below a certain point.

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Ricardo Tosto: Role Model for the Youth

Brazil is one of the most populous countries in the world today. More than one hundred million people are referring to this country as their home, and they are eager to become a productive member of their society. Being a lawyer is considered to be the best choice when selecting a profession in Brazil, and as of the current statistics, there are more than 600,000 registered attorneys in the country. More than a third of all the lawyers in Brazil live in the city of Sao Paolo, thus, labeling the city as the City of Lawyers. The city is home to Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a young lawyer who is being tagged as an inspiration to the youth and as a voice for social change.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the youngest attorneys in the country, and during a short span of time, he has been considered as one of the most trustworthy lawyers in the country. He developed a specialization in different fields, including commercial law, financial law, and electoral law. He has been practicing his profession with a blazing passion, and he has been sacrificing his time and energy to serve as many people as he can. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also holds several important positions within the Brazilian Bar Association, and he thanked the organization because they keep on trusting in him and providing him with high ranking positions.

His career revolves around working for private corporations and servicing those who are coming into his law firm for assistance. When private corporations are needing his service, he would be summoned to their office, and he will be briefed about their legal concerns. Normally, it is about commercial and financial laws, and Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho already have the answer on hand. To expand his knowledge about the field that he is focusing on, he would attend some conferences, seminars, and conventions around the world specializing in the field of law. He is considered as an icon of law, and his skills and expertise have already shaped him into an individual who is currently a role model for many Brazilian youths.

Flex Model


The realization that a student’s family is possibly their greatest possession is an upcoming trend in the US education. In preparing the students for the world, most schools are increasing their investments in families so as to create a “partners in education” community. Notably, charter schools are showing impressive results after the introduction of this program by organizations like Rocketship Education. This is working at negating the big outcome difference between wealthy schools and those in low-income communities. Charter schools like this provide quality and amenable education with subsidy.

“I am a Rocketship Rocketeer at home, at school, and in my community.” These are the words of the ‘Rocketship Creed.’ The Rocketship Schools, founded in 2007, is a non-profit that builds schools in economically disadvantaged areas aiming at getting rid of the achievement gap between education and stability. Their mission is to work as a stimulus for change. Rocketship and Rocketeer are names chosen as a reminder that it is possible for anyone to rise to academic levels or even further than those that others in better living conditions reach.

The Rocketship Education staff’s partnership with parents aids them to come up with the local school’s enlightenment program and also the main value that will be characteristic of the school.

As a testament from a parent, Rocketship is said to come through for its students, their parents and the community at large. A great example is when they set up an emergency fund for parents and their children who had been driven out of their abodes by floods when the Coyote Creek ran over, and water splurged into their homes. With this help, the children continued their education in good health as they were fed and clothed and the breadwinners in families were able to keep working because they were not left homeless and had essentials. Their investment in their students’ lives and families has no boundaries.

Also, Rocketship schools emphasize on teachers identifying themselves with their students’ families and giving personal guidance that they may require to succeed. With this knowledge, they are capable of relating the child’s education and their experiences. Parents find this inclusion in their children’s learning ideal, and they support this unique charter system because it works.

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Securus Technologies Continues Expansive Growth

Securus Technologies, a leading holding company that is a provider of telecommunication and technology solutions for law enforcement and corrections agencies, has acquired payment processor GovPayNet. The move is the latest in a series of acquisitions by the company that have made it the premier technology services company in the United States.


GovPayNet is an Indianapolis-based provider of credit and debit payment processing solutions for over 2,300 government agencies in the country. They will act as a subsidiary for Securus, and CEO Mark MacKenzie will continue in his current role in the company. The processor has contracts with agencies in 35 states to provide payment solutions for cash bail, tax collections, traffic and criminal fees, probation fees, and others.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based holding company that provides technology-based services to law enforcement and corrections agencies in North America. The company began in 1986 and has made over 22 acquisitions in the past 15 years, as they continue to grow. They have contracts in place with over 3,500 corrections facilities across the country, providing phone, video, email, security, and detection services. Their subsidiaries include JPay, CellBlox, Telerus, T-Netix, and JOBView, among others. They employ over 1,000 people across four office locations in Texas and Georgia.