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What you need to know about Colibri Studios’ Executive Producer Bridger Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a renowned writer and creative producer with impeccable skills for composing compelling content that can be used on any platform. She makes every effort to come up with content that creates a good rapport with huge audiences both intelligently and expressively.


With 15 years of production experience in publicity, TV, and animatronics, Bridget Scarr has served as an Executive producer. In her entire profession, Bridget has been accountable for various supervision roles. For instance, she supervises the creative development and technical and creative production output of a team of 5 to 220 people.


Currently, Bridget Scarr works as managing director at Colibri Studios under the department of content development, strategy and partnership. She takes part in the daily event while collaborating with global broadcasters, project associates, and creative talent to make the projects lively.


In her former job, he served as a TV producer, and she focused on bringing other individuals’ concepts to life. She points out that the awareness to launch the Colibri Studies was born once she decided to make a career change and switch into development and composing creative content. With the help of Colibri, Bridget can bring all her concepts to life together.


According to Bridget Scarr, how you bring ideas to life will be influenced by the type of the project and its initial project. She is currently handling a project about the augmented reality. With this project, users have the opportunity to relate to history in an instinctual way via stories of people who lived in it. The project plays a vital role in assembling the factual and blocked elements. The app uses landmarks and monuments as portals to offer its users with accurate details of what transpired.


These are narratives of existent characters from diverse background societies and cultures, and this makes the history relevant. On this particular project, Bridget Scarr looks at the various ways in which can empower the reality for users. Knowing what is achievable and what magnitude of development that is incorporated in bringing the initial stimulations of the concepts to life.


In this state, someone is supposed to comprehend what they need. A comprehensive understanding of the history is a perfect evocative and heartbreaking landmark. Bridget Scarr advice the young generation to eliminate fear and they should trust their journey. Believing in yourself and your God-given talent is also vital in this field.

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Women In Business

The Incredibly Famous Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a lady that makes the headlines for all the right reasons. For years, she has been the lead recruiting agent for corporate talents especially in the United States of America. Through her expertise, Julie has been able to connect talented individuals to high paying jobs and at the same time sending skilled power to corporations so as to make them more productive. With Julie being an expert philosopher, she has learned how to study and understand different people. Zuckerberg’s knowledge in matters relating to the law has also been a contributing factor to her success. Julie Zuckerberg has an inborn talent  which fortunately enough, she has not wasted. To this end, Julie has made herself extremely visible to recruiters thus being able to land spectacular jobs. For example, Zuckerberg once worked for institutions like New York Life Insurance Company, Citi, and Hudson.


Although Julie’s tenure might have been short-lived, Zuckerberg has strived to bring excellence and efficiency in the above corporations. As a result, she has been able to rise through the ranks within a short time frame since top executives have taken notice of her productivity and determination. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is the lead talent acquisition agent at Deutsche Bank. While at Deutsche Bank, Julie has helped nurture young individuals so that they too can follow in her footsteps. By being a mentor to some of the employees at the company, a vast majority of these new recruits are now building a successful career all thanks to Julie Zuckerberg. While working, Julie has been fortunate to add some unique set of skills to her education accolades. These include conflict resolution, applicant tracking, talent management, administrative staffing, and team leadership.


Through the years, Julie has also been able to learn how to appreciate the role that change plays in making systems better. Having recognized the role that technology has played in other companies, Julie has made it her mission always to keep herself updated on emerging developments. As a result, Zuckerberg has been able to bring newer and better ideas to Deutsche Bank, a new way of thinking that has never been envisioned before at the corporation. However, Julie Zuckerberg also has her moments; times when she wants to go on a vacation or spend away from work. During such instances, Zuckerberg always prefers to go for a jog especially in the mornings when the weather might be freezing. Through jogging, Julie can keep her body fit as well as relax her mind. Besides, Julie is a great cook. It is during her free time that she enjoys trying out new recipes and lucky enough, Julie has found ways of perfecting them. Above all, Julie Zuckerberg loves to keep in touch with the outside world through her Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter handles.


Because Julie has a kind heart, she has always found the need to protect and conserve animal species that are around her. To this end, Zuckerberg has been incredibly vocal when it comes to issues that affect wildlife. Therefore, Julie has been able to earn the love of the people over the years since she has not only helped them attain success but also showed them how to achieve greatness.



Women In Business

Doe Deere Reached For The Stars And Watched Lime Crime Sky-Rocket

It might sound cliche, but Doe Deere really believes in holding on to your dreams and making them happen. The Russian-born businesswoman founded Lime Crime in 2008, in an effort to offer women a broader base of makeup choices. She was all about the vivid brightness of cosmetics, and she filled an alternative niche which women globally have come to admire.

The CEO of Lime Crime sat down with GuestofaGuest.com top talk about the beauty industry and how she dared to challenge the cosmetics status quo. For decades, women were told what makeup to wear for which event and the proper ways to wear cosmetics.

Doe Deere later moved to New York City and developed her business savvy and gusto for life. She dabbled in music, singing in a band and met her husband, also a songwriter. Somehow, she fell into the world of makeup, hoping to create a line that moved away from the boring beige cosmetics setting trends. She wasn’t sure many women would be on board, but Doe Deere was in for a huge surprise.

Today, Lime Crime has soared to the top of e-commerce beauty sites and social media. Women and men, too, are obsessed with the crazy a** makeup palettes Lime Crime offers, and her Instagram page proves that. At the moment, her site boasts more than 2.7 million followers.

Doe Deere believes that hair, fashion and makeup are the trilogy that belongs together. Lime Crime isn’t the makeup you’d expect; it’s edgy, modern and in-your-face. Imagine green, yellow or blue lipsticks and pretty iridescent sparkles. It’s party fantasy, part naughty and part self-defining.

That’s the point Doe Deere is trying to make. She believes women and men should empower themselves and put on cosmetics that set them apart from the masses. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Doe Deere gives them the colors and tools to achieve one’s personal best.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime have become so popular, that she’s being cited for entrepreneurial prowess. Self-Made magazine recently featured Doe Deere on the cover with fellow business greats Suze Oman and Arianna Huffington. All three were named to the publication’s list of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Selling makeup online is not an easy feat, especially when you cannot see the shades and products in person or touch them and try on samples. Doe Deere has made it happen.