Spirituality, Wisdom of Kabbalah

The Teachings of Kabbalah Increase Joy and Self-Fulfillment

The spiritual wisdom that is Kabbalah, originated thousands of years ago before there was a Bible or any written history. The principles of Kabbalah existed before the Jewish nation was formed when the nation left Egypt and they formed the nation in Israel.

Kabbalah is not a religion, it is a spiritual path of wisdom to a positive lifestyle affecting the environment they live in. Kabbalah is taught using practical tools to assist the student in being self-fulfilled and finding the joy that is inside of every human being.

Kabbalah Centres

Kaballah Centres are the physical locations where students come for classes. The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in Israel by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Today, there are 40 Centres in cities around the world that teach courses, support dinners for the students and also study the energy places that the older Kabbalists have established.

Until the Internet became popular, a Kabbalah Centre was the only place someone could receive the teachings that lead to the inner joy and fulfillment. Now, the Kabbalah University is online and a student can take classes or find out about events from anywhere.

Kabbalah Centres are founded on the concept of volunteering in their community. Sharing yourself in a way that is permanent and beneficial to the world around you is deeply fulfilling, says Karen berg.

Karen Berg, a learned Kabbalahist and her husband, established a Kabbalah Centre in the U.S. after studying in Israel, and the couple translated hundreds of ancient documents of Kabbalah into different languages. Simply put, Kabbalah is the world’s oldest spiritual wisdom. It contains hidden keys to the secrets of the universe, the human heart, and soul.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that promotes the spiritual principles, not as a scholarly study. The courses are practical and make the principles of Kabbalah relevant to the student’s everyday life. The instructors at the Kabbalah Centres provide spiritual tools that allow the student to improve their own lives, therefore making better choices. When the understanding of the principles is utilized, they improve the world.

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