Martis Valley West, Save Lake Tahoe'

CEO Andy Wirth’s Expansion Status

Squaw Valley Resort has successfully passed another hurdle in their expansion plan. They are working on their way for approval. The Placer County Planning Commission gave their stamp of approval, and now the project would proceed for final approval at the County Board of Supervisors in the fall. Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

The CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth, stated that he is pleased with the meeting’s civility and the discussion concerning a key issue. He further stated that what struck him the other day is that they can all agree that the current transit and traffic circumstance is not acceptable. On the other hand, he stated that this issue has little or nothing to do with his company’s effects for the redevelopment project.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe’s deputy director, Jesse Patterson, stated that the region is not able to handle more traffic. He also stated their concern for the possible inability of good future projects for the Lake due to the issue of there being no room for traffic.

According to Bloomberg, in response to this concern, Andy Wirth stated that he desire to lead in solving the traffic issue. He also stated that they have developed some initiatives that he thinks might be brought to the attention of voters as soon as this or next fall. He further stated that this is to fund a reliable and credible mass transit system for the whole north Lake Tahoe and to fund the whole Placer County.

In response to Wirth’s last statements, Patterson said that he desires to see that on paper because he feels that this presentation is very nice, but it’s all talk. He also stated that he’s not accusing him of not being genuine, but right now it’s just all talk. Also, he said that there’s no substantive commitment of such statements in the environmental document.

So far, everyone just have to wait to see how things work out. Additionally, the Martis Valley West and Squaw proposals are both taken into consideration for this fall. And a new north Tahoe land use is being drafted by the Placer Board of Supervisors.

About Andy Wirth

There’s more than meets the eye to Andy Wirth. He’s more than the typical CEO- he’s also a major contributor to community service and environmental service organizations within the Lake Tahoe area. The focus in his contribution is to improve the area in general for everyone.

Andy is also the co-founder of the Wounded Warrior Support, an Ironman team. He co-founded this worthwhile organization, that raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation, after undergoing a nearly fatal skydiving accident.