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Brazilian Financial Expert Igor Cornelsen OBrazilian Financial Expert Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice to Novice Stock Investors

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and investor, born in Brazil where he rose in stature as one of the country’s foremost bankers. He managed the biggest banks in Brazil and was involved in the management of a large percentage of that nations entire gross economy.

At present, he is with the Bainbridge Group as a proprietor where he invests in commodities and foreign exchange investment as well as the stock market. He has, over the years become an expert in these fields.

At times, he works for both the banking industry and investing as a consultant using his experience and knowledge from working with financial institutions over the years that encompass his career. He has become known as a guru in the banking, stork marketing and investments over the past 40 years of his career. He also helps the investor by advising and guiding them when making any long-term business investments.

Over the years as a banker he has assisted foreign and local high-net-worth persons in setting up discretionary accounts, investment firms, as well as international trade investments. At one time, he was an advisor for the Brazilian Ministry of Economics.

He will tell entrepreneurs to try to understand the workings of the stock market before they venture into it. If they understand the stock market ins and outs, they can find the ideal place in which to invest their hard-earned money.

He also advocates investing in long-term investments instead of short-term. These long-term investments will be there to help with retirement and he tells people to scatter their investments instead of channeling a large amount of money into a specific venture.

Do research extensively on any companies that you are thinking about investing in. Make sure that they have a good record of management and accomplishments and are stable, which will give them a secure investment.

He has seen the economy transform in his years as a banker in Brazil and he encourages people to invest in Brazil. They have natural resources in abundance and they are also the top food producers in the world.

They also have a very real need for the development of an infrastructure with which to support their large population since they are the largest country on the continent.

Due to Igor Cornelsen invaluable experience and his exceptional record of the guidance that he offers on successful long-term investments to other investors he has helped many to make a profit from their investments. He will also tell the prospective investors not to invest in companies that are damaged, but to put the investment money into damaged stock. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

This gives them a chance to buy cheap and offers a guarantee of returns which will pay off eventually. He will also advise his clients to heed the laws that are laid down as well as the regulations on investments.

There is a lot of frustration that comes with investing and if the investor has not learned what they need to know about investing they may find that making profits from their investments is a struggle.

He says that even the investors who are experienced must watch what they are doing when trying to invest in commodities or stocks. The difference between bankruptcy and prosperity is diligence. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

If a person is considering in investing in the Brazilian market, Cornelsen says there are three tips that can help you. The first being is to connect with the natives of the country. In Brazil, one in four people between the ages of 18 and 64 are entrepreneurs and they are a friendly bunch that are happy to give you their advice based on their experience.

Secondly, be prepared for a lot of red tape. There are many rules and regulations upon entering the market in Brazil. Regulatory complexity, high taxes, restrictive labor market along with pervasive bureaucracy.

These are just some of the problems that they will face. Third, they need to know the foreign currency restriction and locate a bank that is authorized to deal in foreign exchange with which to hold local currency.

Igor Cornelsen says the most important piece of advice that he can give is to start investing at a young age. Do not try to make an enormous amount of money all at one time. If you enter investing with a sound mind you will steadily increase profits over time.