Reputation Repair

Perception Equals Reality in Reputation Repair


Everyone has heard the saying that perception equals reality. This is true both in person and even more so in the world of the internet. When it comes to the internet, the most anyone can see is the search results that rise to the top of the screen. Without the benefit of an in person interaction, ultimately the entire image that anyone has of that result is displayed on that computer screen. Without a second chance to make a first impression, it is important that the top search result presents the product in a positive light. No where is this more important than when it comes to business.


Ultimately, removing bad search results is extremely important. Fix Search Results says the formula is very simple. The more traffic or views a result has, the higher up this rises on the search result list. Results with more traffic will show up above results with less traffic. It is important that popular sites with heavy traffic present a product, company, or service in the most positive light possible. This will go a long way in generating increased traffic to a service or product and thus increase business as well. Negative results will hurt business.


There are several ways a business can improve its online reputation. The most obvious way is to target sites with a large amount of traffic. Creating public profiles on high traffic sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can go a long way to improving an online reputation. Of course, the businesses manage this profile and disseminate only positive information. Since these sites are visited regularly by large numbers of people, these sites always show up high on the result list and help to create a positive perception of a company or business. Only one of many ways to keep up a positive online reputation, this is essential to growing a business. Check out some of their blog posts for some great information on what you can be doing better.