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Latest Developments in Brunswick – Boraie

“Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Brunswick!” says an excited Omar Boraie, president Boraie Development Inc. “We are currently developing several projects bound to take the city to a whole new level.”

A Brief History of Brunswick

Before 1980, Brunswick faced many challenges among them neglect, a steep rise in its number of immigrants, low property values and slow rate of development on Manta. This led to investors fleeing the city in search of better pastures.

A major turning point for the city was in 1975 when Johnson & Johnson decided that it will hold on to it, come what may. Its rebound journey later began during the 1980’s.

Johnson & Johnson’s move inspired Omar Boraie to purchase neglected parcels of land on Albany Street. In 1988, he developed Albany Street Plaza Tower 1, which highly attracted lucrative businessmen looking for classy office space. In 2002, he developed Albany Street Plaza Tower II.

Later, there arose a need to provide convenient housing facilities on for professionals who worked in both towers. Out of necessity, he built the one street condominium.

It’s Present and Future

Rutgers, the New Brunswick Development Corp. (Devco), private firms, the mayor’s office and Boraie are all working towards remodeling the outlook of the city.

Boraie recently developed the Aspire; a posh residential high-rise building, conveniently located next to the train station. According to Wasseem Boraie, vice president Boraie Development Inc, It is similar to high-end accommodations in Manhattan. Its tenants get to live in a two bedroom for $2,800 a month.

In the next 12-18 months, it plans to offset a project involving a commercial site, close to the train station, on Albany Street. So far, this will be its third commercial building in Brunswick on Yahoo. It hopes the planned development will attract innovative tech and science firms, guaranteed to enjoy close relation with Rutgers.

About Boraie

It is a real estate company that deals in real estate development, property management, and sales & marketing in New Brunswick (its headquarters), Atlantic City and Newark. Boraie professionally integrates financial institutions, architects, and contractors who work in unison to complete various projects.

The company was founded by Omar Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant who first stepped onto the US soil 40 years ago with the intention of pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry. However, during his stay, he developed a passion for the real estate world and founded Boraie.