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Omar Boraie- The Man behind the Stunning Development of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie was born in Egypt but is currently residing in New Brunswick, NJ. He is a Ph.D. holder in chemistry who decided to venture into real estate market. Mr. Boraie is a real estate businessman, philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development LLC in 1986 and is currently assisted by his children to manage the corporation. The company is committed to developing and managing properties in New Brunswick and has since transformed the city into a regional economic hub.

Omar believes in offering quality, top-end services to his customers and this is why he only transacts with reputable firms and persons to see through his company’s visionary developments. Moreover, Boraie has a team of experienced property managers that inspect and approve the company’s property developments before they are sold.

Initially, when Omar arrived in New Brunswick, he had big plans to develop the city through the construction of modern buildings, classy apartments, and community houses. Many doubted his plans because New Brunswick was a dying neighborhood. Boraie had since proved himself as he has constructed several projects that have transformed New Brunswick including The Aspire, Rector Street, and Albany Street Plaza. The Aspire is a stunning 17-story luxurious apartment located near the city’s train station. It was designed to entice high-end individuals, and it offers janitorial services as well. Boraie Development has also constructed a 25 story residential complex equipped with roof decks and health clubs. Furthermore, Boraie Development has also initiated several on-going projects in Atlantic City and Newark.

Omar Boraie is not only a real-estate developer in New Brunswick but is also a leading philanthropist in the area as well. According to, he has participated in many different causes, and he also serves as a Board of Trustees for the State Theatre in New Brunswick. Moreover, Omar is among the directors of Elijah’s Promise, a Non-Profit company that provides food to the homeless in New Brunswick. The organization donates approximately 100,000 meals via its café, catering business, and soup kitchen each year. Additionally, the establishment also offers social service, affordable meals, and vocational training in courses like culinary arts, and baking. Also see,

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