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Securus Technologies Continues Expansive Growth

Securus Technologies, a leading holding company that is a provider of telecommunication and technology solutions for law enforcement and corrections agencies, has acquired payment processor GovPayNet. The move is the latest in a series of acquisitions by the company that have made it the premier technology services company in the United States.


GovPayNet is an Indianapolis-based provider of credit and debit payment processing solutions for over 2,300 government agencies in the country. They will act as a subsidiary for Securus, and CEO Mark MacKenzie will continue in his current role in the company. The processor has contracts with agencies in 35 states to provide payment solutions for cash bail, tax collections, traffic and criminal fees, probation fees, and others.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based holding company that provides technology-based services to law enforcement and corrections agencies in North America. The company began in 1986 and has made over 22 acquisitions in the past 15 years, as they continue to grow. They have contracts in place with over 3,500 corrections facilities across the country, providing phone, video, email, security, and detection services. Their subsidiaries include JPay, CellBlox, Telerus, T-Netix, and JOBView, among others. They employ over 1,000 people across four office locations in Texas and Georgia.


Prison Communication

Securus Technologies Working Hard To Keep Others Safe

A name that you may not be familiar with is Securus Technologies. If you are unfamiliar with that name, you should find out more about them. Securus is helping how law enforcement officials and inmates are safer when incarcerated.


Securus Technologies is working hard to create updated services and products weekly which work to keep inmates safer as well as helping to keep those who work in jails and facilities safer. Since Securus started working on updated projects, the inmate to inmate crime ratio has decreased in several hundred jails.


Every year Securus will receive emails which ask for help from the officials who are in charge of creating new safety plans and goals for the inmates and workers in jails. These officials are seeking new methods which can be implemented to create a safer place for all inside of the walls of a jail. Not only are they seeking ways to keep the people safer, but they are also seeking ways to solve the crimes going on inside of the walls of a jail.


One thing that is hard to get a grip on is contraband. This includes the drugs which get smuggled in as well as electronics. One item that is always getting snuck into jails is cell phones. With the help of Securus, the inmates who have access to this form of contraband have a pleasant surprise when they try to access mobile networks. The jails are able to prevent these phones from connecting to networks while inside of the jails. This helps to prevent inmates from making phone calls that are not monitored or recorded. This is essential in cases where someone might try to intimidate someone before a trial or testimony.


As you can see, Securus works hard to ensure that everyone is safer. It is their main goal each year. They work week after week creating new products to help them do this.


Prison Communication

Securus Video Visitation Technology Keeps Inmates and their Families United

When I was a little child, I always looked forward to Christmas every year. During this holiday, the entire family came together making it a very special moment. I couldn’t imagine having to spend Christmas without my parents around.


Sadly, not all children have the privilege of having their parents around during Christmas. The story of incarcerated parents is one that many children around the country have to tell. There is some good news though! The absence of parents during the festive season no longer has to be the reality of these children.


Recently, I discovered a revolutionary video visitation technology for inmates, provided by a leading technology company known as Securus. Without a doubt, this technology is one of the best present given to the prisoners and their families. This is because the technology allows the inmates to communicate quickly and securely with their families during the festive season.


I learned about how this technology keeps families together during Christmas after watching a promotional video on YouTube. The video is about a child who is communicating with his father, who is in prison.


Watching these two communicating, I felt as if they were together physically. I could not imagine a better blessing at such a moment as that. All this is made possible by the revolutionary video visitation technology.


Securus has undoubtedly kept families in mind with this exceptional video visitation service. Allowing families to remain in touch with their loved ones as they serve their time is an outstanding service. The technology also plays a crucial role in ensuring that the prisoners do not return to jail after they are released.


Securus is a company that specializes in providing the criminal justice system and law enforcement organizations with a secure communication system. More specifically, Securus focuses on the prisoners and their families. The primary goal by Securus is to ensure that the inmates do not risk getting back to prison again. Besides, through this technology, children are provided with the chance to know their moms and dads.


Have any questions about Securus and the services they offer? You can get more information regarding the same on their official website,



Prison Communication

Securus Clears The Air Regarding A Recent Press Release

There were claims that certain rulings were made by Patent Trial and Appeal Board that were mischaracterized by GTL referring to Securus. It is believed to be an attempt to minimize the resources that Securus has according to Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies provides products and services to over one million inmates in the country.

The scope of their services is broad, ranging from communication and biometrics to analysis and information management that appears to me to be cohesive and functional. They offer many products that help not only the management of the facilities but also help loved one stay in touch with incarcerated individuals which I think is important for both sides. They can handle cash dispersed for items that are available for purchase through the facility canteen and they also provide video calling for family members that are unable to make the trip to the facility in person. I think that it is great that they offer this type of visitation. It is important for loved ones to stay connected.