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Francisco Domenech and his ablity to help in many ways

Francisco Domenech is a lawyer and managing partner at Politank. The firm represents government affairs, such as creating strategies for private forums.

The lawyer is active in Politank and has worked with many politicians within his career. He is considered very well known in his work at the company. Francisco understands what is required of him as a lawyer for a lobbying firm. He makes sure he is prepared for all that is requested of him by his clients. Read more about Domenech at

In 2016 Francisco Domenech was involved in an event called 40 under 40. This involved the 40 most influential people being awarded for their support for Puerto Rico. The nominees are professionals and entrepreneurs who have been there to help Puerto Rico economically. Francisco received the highest votes among the 40 nominees. This award is highly respected by the people of the country.

Francisco Domenech believes the 40 under 40 event is important to Puerto Rico, due to it shows that the country is improving economically as time has gone on. In 2003 Francisco created a group called Puerto Rico’s Young Democrats. He believes with the help of the young people, Puerto Rico can successfully thrive.

After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Political Science, the lawyer went on to finish his law degree from the School of Law. After many years in his profession, he is considered an expert in areas such as,

  • Fundraising for political figures as needed.
  • Opposition research as needed during the campaign.
  • The rules and expectations of the voter registration process.
  • Campaign management when needed.

Francisco Domenech believes his ability to be honest with his clients has spoken volumes about his actions. He’s known to be very clear and open about any situation that arises, no matter good or bad.

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OSI Group Expands Its Operations Nationally and Internationally

OSI Group is a private company based in Aurora, Illinois, USA. The company’s business revolves mainly on the provision of processed foods to the food service and retail industries all over the globe.

In a recent move to cover more territory in Europe OSI Group purchased a dominant supervisory ownership in Baho Food, which is a privately managed Dutch firm that is engaged in meat processing products along with other food products for the retail and food service sector. The merger and control agreement between the OSI Group and Baho Food is still underway.

Baho Food manages facilities in the Netherlands and in Germany together with its other holding companies namely QSmart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Frischwaren, and Genderland. The cited companies have around 60 years of presence in the industry of convenience snacks and foods along with the retail of deli meats that have been of service to customers covering 18 countries in Europe.

According to David G. McDonald, OSI Group’s Chief Operating Officer and President, the inclusion of Baho Food in OSI’s business in Europe will provide OSI with a larger market share in the European region. He said that Baho’s range of brands and products matches OSI’s present operating assets that enhance its ability to meet the different needs of the company’s clientele.

The Managing Director of Baho Food, John Balvers, will be retained together with his complete managerial team, who will work close closely with the Senior Management Leaders of OSI to develop a future program that will be beneficial for both companies in the long run.

John Balvers said that he is looking forward to working with the OSI Group, since OSI has successfully established a good relationship with its suppliers and customers. The combined assets of the two companies will give both the extraordinary leverage to serve their respective customers along with the capacity to provide more products and services. He added that the merger will hasten the attainment of their objectives and their steady growth for the future.

In conjunction with its procurement of Baho Foods’ s majority shares for management control, the OSI Group also publicly broadcasted its intention to purchase Tyson Foods in Chicago.

Amidst its merger and acquisition plans, OSI’ s main interest is the impact of its operations internationally as it endeavors to retain a viable and progressive relationship with the communities and people it serves within the food retail industry.

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The Differences Between Original Medicare And Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plan is a new health insurance program. The program has a contract with the federal government where people pay fixed costs in order to enjoy Medicare benefits on There are three main managed healthcare plans under this program. They are Health Maintenance organization (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private-Fee-For-Service (PFFS).

Differences between Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans
* Original Medicare Plan provides services through the federal government while private insurance companies sell Medical Advantage Plans.

* Beneficiaries of original Medicare have the option to enroll in either Part A or Part B or both, while Medicare Advantage Plans must cover both Part A and B.

* When getting health care under the original program, a 20% coinsurance fee is deducted from the outpatient care cost while the new program deducts a fixed amount of $15.

* Original Medicare beneficiaries pay a monthly premium for both Part A and B and if a beneficiary has worked in the U.S. for at least 10 years, he/she does not require paying for Part A premium. Beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage Plans pay both Part A and Part B premiums and possible extra premiums.

*While beneficiaries of the Original Medicare program have freedom to go to any doctor/hospital that accepts Medicare, those under the new program are restricted to doctors and hospitals within the network of the Advantage Plans.

* Original Medicare users do not need prior authorization to see specialists. Users of Medicare Advantage Plan are required to select a primary care physician and can only see specialists after being referred by a doctor.

* While Medicare Advantage Plans users cannot buy Medigap supplemental insurance, original Medicare users have the option to buy.

For Medicare drug coverage, original Medicare Advantage Plan users are required to buy Prescription Drug Plan separately from a private insurance company like InnovaCare Health while beneficiaries of Advantage Plans can sign up for a plan that includes the coverage.

Innovacare Health
InnovaCare Health leads in the provision of Medicare Advantage Plans and physician practice services through sustainable and affordable models. These models have been integrated with advanced technology. The company has two major Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico. They are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. In addition, InnovaCare oversees two Medicaid Plans that offer broad benefit coverage through a coordinated care model within the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico.

The leading Medicare Advantage Plans provider has an exemplary leadership. Dr. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA serves as the president and CEO of InnovaCare Health. He has extensive healthcare experience of more than 20 years. The chief administrative officer of InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides has extensive comprehension of Medicare & Medicaid and managed healthcare programs.


The Great Works of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is currently the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at the True Value, a company specializing in construction supplies and tools. His skills as marketing, retail and merchandising expert have enabled Kenneth to oversee global purchases totaling to over $2.2 billion since his joining the company.

He is currently responsible for True Value’s active inventory of worth over $320 million. Despite a clogged daily schedule, Kenneth Goodgame finds the time to offer sound marketing advice to business owners via his self-titled website; Upon visiting the homepage, you will find his in-depth insights on consumer behavior and trends.

Kenneth sees himself as a particularly influential operations management leader who specializes in the creation of multibillion-dollar OEM (original equipment manufacturer) marketing initiatives. The University of Tennessee marketing graduate reveals how he goes about doing his job. The secret, he says, lies in innovative marketing strategies and strict sustained financial oversight.

His ability to capitalize on his leadership skills to promote business growth has enabled Kenneth Goodgame to achieve a lot in the course of his career. Goodgame started his career at Home Depot Atlanta in 1994. By the year 2002 when he left the company, he was the Senior Global Product Merchant and had been involved in increasing sales by an additional $55 million. Kenneth went on to work for Newell Rubbermaid and by the time he left five years later 2007 he had overseen a $490 million sales growth in just over a period of 18 months.

While at Techtronic Industries North America, Goodgame had been involved in the opening of 30 stores in just two years and was also instrumental in the turnaround of a $75 million subsidiary, Baja Motorsports. During his tenure at Ace Hardware Corporation, Kenneth oversaw a 300% increase in new store openings as well as a $9 million to $180 million sales growth in the Craftsman brand. Goodgame has the skills and experience to suit his current position at True Value as Senior Vice President.


Talk Fusion, The Life Changing and Optimistic Organization

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a company with a mission of helping people. The company helps people build their futures and realize their dreams as it gives back to the community. Bob has been dedicated to searching for effective ways of assisting people to reach their goals through video marketing products.

He firmly believes that greater success calls for greater responsibilities, and he leads by action. He has made personal donations to victims of the Nepal’s earthquake and the Japan’s tsunami. Bob is also involved in animal life saving, rebuilding, raising funds for medical expenses and supports an Indonesian Orphanage. His footsteps are followed by Talk Fusion as it helps people in more than 140 countries.
Talk Fusion recently launched a program where every Associate donates one free account to any charity they choose. The aim of the free account is to help non-profit, and charity organizations reach many people and subsequently further their cause.

About the Award Winning Talk Fusion.

The company was founded in 2007 and offers video marketing products and income opportunity across the globe. It is marketed by independent associates who help in empowering more people to achieve what many perceive as impossible.
has several products that are used for personal, charity or business purposes.

Video Email is one product  that enables the user to create an appealing video email easily. It has professionally designed templates that are available in many languages. The user can also customize their template. Video Newsletters are used to reach people with high impact videos, and the product uses drag and drop interface. Live Meeting allows streaming of videos, sharing of files, live chats and uploading powerpoint slides.

Video Chat is an award winning product which enables connection of smartphones, tablets and PCs for users to have a face to face chat. Sign-Up Forms allows users to add new contacts and clients automatically. Talk Fusion also enables users to quickly share video messages and promotions on social media platforms.


The Interests and Accomplishments of Avi Weisfogel

For nearly 20 years, Avi Weisfogel has served the dental needs to the people of East Brunswick, NJ. He is dedicated to educating the public not only about dental health, but easing the fears of “dentaphobes” and working to create beautiful healthy smiles with cosmetic dentistry. However, he is not merely a man in a white doctor’s coat; outside of work, he has many interests, passions and achievements that set him apart from the rest.

Realizing that millions of people around the world do not have access to regular dental care, Weisfogel is an avid supporter of Operation Smile, a charity started by Dr. William Magee and his wife in 1982. To date the nonprofit has provided over a quarter of a million free dental procedures to people in 60 countries, with thousands of dentists and dental technicians donating their time and skills. Weisfogel has created a GoFundMe page to help the nonprofit raise even more funds to continue their efforts around the world.

Did you know that sleep disturbed breathing can not only lead to restless nights, but also stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular issues? Avi Weisfogel realizes the myriad dangers associated with sleep disturbed breathing and is working hard to combat them by working with Dental Sleep Masters. This program takes the medical knowledge of dentists around the country to provide better technology to combat the dangers of sleep disturbed breathing. The technologies of Dental Sleep Masters can be discussed with Dr. Weisfogel at his office in East Brunswick, NJ.

He isn’t your average dentist, now is he? You can find his dope beats on SoundCloud and Vimeo; don’t be surprised if you find him discussing new song ideas with you at your next appointment.


A Brief Look at Business Mogul and Philanthropist Eric Pulier

Mr. Eric Pulier co-founded ServiceMesh, Inc. and is its present Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He has also worked as Deputy President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd. He directed the creation and delivery of cloud offerings at Computer Sciences Corporation.Organizations are thus enabled to deliver IT-as-a-Service from internal and external providers, hence increasing profitability. Eric Pulier is renowned among the top and most prosperous industrialists in government and enterprise technology. For the inauguration of President Clinton and Gore, he designed the technology bridge to the 21st-century display, highlighting the role of technology in education, manufacturing, entertainment and other sectors.

Renowned venture capital groups in the world have funded companies that Mr. Pulier has founded or co-founded and has raised millions of dollars. These include MediaPlatform, US Interactive, Desktone, and service oriented infrastructure (SOA Software). He occasionally addresses premier technology conferences around the world. He is the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council and sits as a member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. Pulier has invested in charity courses, venture capital funds, and seed level startups in media and technology which eventually have been successful.

Mr. Pulier is actively involved in philanthropy, especially those that are participating in the use of technology to find solutions for intractable issues economically deprived communities or physically impaired children in the U.S. and around the world.

Mr. Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984. He then proceeded to Harvard University for his BA. In 1988 he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. In college, he studied English & American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual & Environmental Studies. He wrote a weekly column, PulierLeg for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, where he was the editor. Some of his publications include Understanding Enterprise SOA, which he co-authored with Hugh Taylor and the article The Enterprise Industrial Complex which appeared in Forbes Magazine


Diversant Offers Brilliant New Computer Systems

Businesses around the world are relying on computer systems that were created just for their needs, but they have to take these systems from companies that offer the best service and creations. John Goullet is considered a guru in the IT field, and he started Diversant so that he could help people when they were most in need. He now oversees a pretty big team, and he wants to be sure that he can help as many people as possible with their systems.

The people that are trying to update their businesses need to start thinking about what they can do to make a real change, and they also need to have a real talk about what they think will be the best choice for their company.  Goullet gets his whole Diversant team together to make sure that they are all on the right track, and then they create new systems for their customers that help everyone. It is a much easier way to run a business, and John understands the increased productivity that could occur.

It is much easier for people to work their businesses when they are using Diversant, and it makes a lot more sense for people to come to one company that can provide all the help that is needed. They come in to find out what they think the client needs, and then the two work together on a solution.

John Goullet has put together this business to help as many people as he can, and he knows that he can offer real customer service that makes a difference. Clients will get computer systems from Diversant become more efficient, cost effective and get better customer service at the same time. Check out his YouTube channel below:–1-DwI5js3mzSVtAQ


James Dondero Partners With Linda Owen

James Dondero has partnered with Linda Owen to offer the best donations to charities around the Dallas area. He wants to give back as much as he possibly can, but that does not mean that he will be able to do that all on his own. He is now working with Linda Owen to learn the best places to give his money, and that is why he has announced this partnership. He is the leader at Highland Capital Management, and he wants to use the money that was earmarked for giving in the right way.

The only way to give well in these situations is to make sure that there is a civic leader who is going to help, and that is why Linda Owen has been invited in. She is prepared to show James Dondero the best places to send his money, and he wants to know that there is a place where he can maximize the money that he gives. He plans to be very fair with his giving, and he is planning to give in places where it will have the most impact. That is why he wants to have a partner so that he can learn the right places to help.

The money that James Dondero gives is something that he wants to make go a long way. He knows that he can really help people if he is willing, and that is why he is now working with Linda Owen to get someone to help him. He wants to know how to do these things right, and that is why he is such a success.

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How Thor Halvorssen Is Trying To Help The World

There are people all over the world who are in chains that do not deserve to be. Some of those chains are metaphorical and some are physical. In western culture, we are often blind to what is happening or we just do not want to think about it. But there really are political prisoners throughout the world. According to his Wikipedia page, that is what Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his life to solving. He does not want to allow these millions of innocent people who are suffering to fall into the halls of the forgotten. As this article said, he is consumed in helping the people of Korea to gain their independence from their psychopathic tyrant.

What Is Happening?

What is happening in North Korea is what happens when the government has full control. That is not to say that governmental rulers are always evil. But when you have a system wherein the government has all of the power, there will be an evil tyrant only a few short years away.

Free Speech

Further, the people of North Korea do not have basic human rights, such as the right to free speech. This is what one can expect when there is a tyrant. Tyrants cannot handle any opposition, so they will instead stomp it out and disallow it. That is why men such as Thor Halvorssen are so important to places such as North Korea. It shows them that there really are people who have the courage to speak out against dictators. Perhaps he will stand as a model and encourage others to do likewise.

About HalvorSsen

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate. He finds the places of the world where there are the greatest human rights violations and he labors to find a good solution.

In fact, that is why so many rulers dislike him. He prevents them from taking advantage of others. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to learn more.