Communication Professionals, Honorable Mention

Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO Angie Koch Accepted The Awards Of Excellence from the Association Of Marketing And Communication Professionals Recently

U.S. Money Reserve has a reputation for being one of the top companies in the rare coin industry, but the company can add a couple of other awards to their collection of achievements. The Association of Marketing And Communication Professionals recently gave U.S. Money Reserve two Awards of Excellence in the TV/Commercial/Product and Creative Cinematography categories,according to a article.

The Award of Excellence is given to commercial products that are written, edited produced, and shot with a high-level of creativity. U.S. Money Reserve won the award for an infomercial titled “Testimonial Show.” That infomercial had actual U.S. Money Reserve clients talking about their experience with the company. People like race car legend Richard Petty took part in the award-winning infomercial.

Angie Koch, the Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Money Reserve, put out a statement that said the company was honored to receive the awards. Koch also commended her media, marketing and production teams for putting together such quality work.

The judges of the 2016 Videographer Awards receive more than 1,500 entries before they made their decision. U.S. Money Reserve won a bronze award at the 37th Telly Awards recently for the TV spot entitled “Philip Diehl IRA,” so the company is on a roll for their media efforts, according to Phil Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve and the former director of the United States Mint.

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals is a group of thousands of marketing, advertising, communication, public relations, media and freelance professionals. Entries are judged in 20 categories, and three awards are given in each category. The awards are the Award of Excellence, the Award of Distinction, and Honorable Mention.

According to PR Newswire an Glassdoor, the executive team of Phil Diehl and Angie Koch have turned the 16-year-old U.S. Money Reserve into one of the top private distributors of U.S. and foreign government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. The rare coin business has enjoyed a surge in popularity thanks to the gold and silver market.

Collectors, as well as investors, are adding gold coins to their investment portfolios and IRA accounts because the value of those coins is increasing faster than any time in the past. The winning TV spot about adding rare coins to IRA accounts was one of the ideas Phil Diehl brought to the company when he left government service. Angie Koch was recently named a regular blogger for the Huffington Post, so both executives are getting a lot of media exposure for their creativity and business sense.