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How Does Organo Gold Food and Beverage Company Help People Improve Lives?

Organo Gold Food and Beverage Company is a marketing company that was established in 2008 in Canada. The company was developed with a primary goal of improving the lives of people by reaching new levels of prosperity, balance, and wellness through products and opportunity. Currently, the business sponsors OG Cares Foundation, an organization that focuses on developing leaders of tomorrow through the enrichment of the young people.

Organo Gold products contain Ganoderma a fungi that often pop up in woods that are decaying. They are mushroom-like and usually available in tropical Asia. The mushrooms are thought to have antibacterial effects, anticancer effects, antifungal effects, liver protecting effects, antioxidant, antiviral effects, blood cholesterol redactors, and hypoglycemic effects. The mushrooms are not only medically significant but also economically significant.

The unique characteristics of Ganoderma have enabled Organo Gold to produce products which have been recognized as being healthy in various ways. The beverages and foods of the company are said to help with things such as immune system support, provide antioxidants, and weight loss.

The major benefit that Ganoderma has is cancer prevention. It boosts immunity and at the same time fight proliferation associated with cancer cells. They prevent the migration of metastasis and cancer cells. The extracts of Ganoderma are now being used by some pharmaceuticals to stop cancer cells from multiplying and spreading.

Gold Food and Beverage Company is currently operating more than 45 countries, and the unique characteristics of their products make the company more competitive in the industry. The delivery system of the company is selling and sampling of gourmet tea, coffee, nutraceuticals, skin care products, and hot chocolate.

The above information about Organo Gold Food and Beverage Company is essential for you if you want to start a business to understand how creating unique products will help you become competitive.

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Paul Mampilly advice on investing in small semiconductors companies

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor. He now says that blockchain technology should be used to protect personal data. Identity theft has been rampant in recent years, and there is a need to take some responsibility and ensure that personal information is protected. The blockchain technology works in such a way that it is impossible to change any information that is entered. No one can alter ones’ information without being tracked. Anything that is recorded cannot be deleted. For hackers to use your information, they may be forced to hack thousands of serves where the information is stored, which is not possible.

To ensure that this information is not stolen, Paul Mampilly is advocating for microchips to be used in protecting human identity. Mampilly is one of the brilliant investors in the world. He started his career in the Wall Street in 1991. He holds an MBA from Fordham University. His first job was at the Bankers Trust where he was recruited as an assistant portfolio manager. He then moved to other financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, ING among others, where he had an opportunity to manage accounts worth millions of dollars. In 2006, Paul Mampilly was given an opportunity to manage Kinetic Asset Management. As a hedge fund manager, he was responsible for a $6 billion fund. After working with the fund for some years, he left. As he went, he left an impeccable track record. The hedge fund had grown its capital to $26 billion.

If it is about the experience, this man has everything in check. When the projects that we might be using microchips in the near future, he very sure about it, he has been in this industry long enough to know what can happen. Paul Mampilly is projecting that microchips will be used and it is the time for people to start looking at the semiconductors stocks for possible investment opportunities.

Paul Mampilly is urging investor to consider the small companies that deal with semiconductors. When the microchips are rolled out, these companies will be the greatest beneficiaries. They also have the highest returns when the market shifts.

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Forbes Reveals Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble is Worth $1 Billion

Forbes published Madeline Berg’s article titled “Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd Swiped Right to a $230 Million Fortune”. The article reveals the $1 billion dollar app recently provided the founder with a fortune of $230 million. Though Wolfe Herd didn’t make the list for their “America’s Richest Self-Made Women”, the magazine believes the CEO will make the list soon if Bumble continues to grow at the same rate.

One of the biggest competitors Bumble deals with is Tinder. Wolfe Herd was one of the co-founders of Tinder and worked as the VP of Marketing. However, she left in 2014 after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boyfriend and co-founder Justin Mateen. It was revealed that he was later suspended from the company and Wolfe Herd settled the case for $1 million. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile on linkedin.

Though she didn’t want to continue in the dating sphere, a fellow dating app enthusiast, Andrey Andreev, convinced her to stick to what she knew. The founder of the dating app Badoo and Russian billionaire provided the startup funding of $10 million, obtaining 79% of the company. Wolfe Herd was also allowed to use the systems and software of Badoo. Using her talents in marketing and her idea to make a dating app centered on women’s experience, Whitney Wolfe Herd created Bumble.

In the first month, the dating app gained nearly 100,000 subscribers and in three short years, it spans the globe with more than 35 million users. The unique selling position of the company was the women first mindset, where the women make the initial contact, empowering women.

The company has also recently released expansions to the app that allows people to meet new friends and conduct business networking. The company continues to grow quickly, growing nearly 70% each year. It brought nearly $100 million in revenue in 2017.

WWD also featured Whitney Wolfe Herd in the article “Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine’s Board” discussing the recent venture between Wolfe Herd and Imagine Entertainment. She joined the company as a member of the board, acting as a non-voting member. Imagine Entertainment creates original programming, TV and feature films.