Financial Leader

David Giertz, helping clients plan for a secure retirement

David Giertz is a Nationwide Investment Services financial advisor with just over 31 years of experience. He is currently the president of distribution and sales at Nationwide. He has passed four exams. David passed the General Securities Representative Examination in 1986, the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination (NASAA) in 1987, the General Securities Principal Examination in 1992 and the Municipal Securities Principal in 1994. Giertz is also a registered broker with FINRA. Brokers assist in buying and selling stocks, bonds investment related products and mutual funds.

David has served as the senior vice president at Nationwide in both financial distribution and in sales at Nationwide life insurance. David Giertz also serves as president and senior vice president at several other Nationwide companies.

Many people are planning for retirement and most advisors are not discussing social security on Currently four out of five people say that they will change financial advisors if they do not discuss social security planning in their retirement plans. Currently, social security comprises about 40% of retirement planning. If people decide to retire sooner then recommended they can be shorting themselves up to $300,000 or an average of $1,000 a month. Financial advisors need to discuss alternate sources of income as an option rather then allowing people to rely on social security for an earlier then necessary retirement at One of the biggest factors financial advisors deal with is age. People feel as though since they reached the age where they can start collecting social security, they should. This has resulted in roughly 30% of people who are currently collecting social security living with less then they originally calculated. Delaying collection of social security benefits to the age of 67 or beyond can increase monthly social security income.