Unique Business Model of Fabletics is Allowing Them to Pass the Competition

When women head out to run errands they want to be two things, cute and comfortable. Women sometimes struggle with finding clothes that help them achieve both of those things. That’s because women’s body sizes are so vastly different and many clothing stores and companies across the country tend to operate off a one size fits all model. Luckily, more companies are coming into business that offer a plethora of sizes and styles so that a woman can find what she’s looking for. When it comes to stylish clothes to run daily errands in, many are turning towards athleisure-wear. It’s a style of clothing in which a woman can conquer anything whether it’s shopping, hitting the gym, taking a class, or grabbing lunch. The clothes are practical, supportive, and cute.


Nobody does athleisure-wear quite like Fabletics does. They’re a company that started off solely online. This helped them in their fight against showrooming. With many other companies, buyers will browse clothing online and then find it cheaper elsewhere. That’s not the case for Fabletics because they’ve become the leader in activewear. They’ve got a variety of clothing and styles that appeal to women all over the country. The clothes are also affordable.


Fabletics runs off a unique subscription-based business model where buyers can purchase individual clothing pieces and outfits online. Otherwise, they can sign up where they get unique outfits tailored towards them each month. They can choose to purchase that outfit or skip if it doesn’t appeal to them. This helps them always have access to variety. Consumers also get the latest deals this way. This is just one of the many ways that Fabletics is taking on Amazon. Amazon has long been the leader when it comes to clothing sales, but it appears that Fabletics has found their niche.


Another reason that Fabletics is doing so well is that they have Kate Hudson on their side. Kate Hudson has long been known for her charming looks and personalities in a slew of feel-good movies. She’s just as charming off-screen as she is on and that’s why Fabletics decided they needed her on their side. She’s helped them grow into a hugely successful company ever since the beginning.


That’s because Hudson cares about the clothing. She’s seen in advertisements, interviews, and all over social media wearing the brand. She supports Fabletics and believes in their style and quality.


How Fabletics Is Rivaling Predecessors Fashion Brands And Merchandising Websites

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics rivals predecessor brands by setting up a direct relationship with their customers. Instead of merchandising their items through sites such as Amazon, Fabletics requires consumers to sign up for their online store and subscribe to receive their items of choice on a monthly basis. Fabletics success is a contribution of its digital presence and accurate representation of elements that are in stock in their physical shops. Kate Hudson states that Fabletics thrives on providing customers with satisfactory services by collecting regular data on their preferences in style, design and customer service. To date, a lot of clients have publicly reviewed Fabletics and upvoted their fast resolutions after customer complaints, easy-to-use site, and cute, affordable outfits.


Trust Pilot is the largest online review platform in the world. The portal gives millions of customers a famed forum to voice their opinions about brands, services, and products. The reviews featured on the site help millions of prospective customers find useful information regarding their brand of choice, before investing money, effort and time into it. Trust Pilot receives approximately 20,000 reviews daily, and 750,000 reviews monthly, for various products and services. Currently, it has more than 26 million reviews featuring over 152,000 companies internationally. Trust Pilot administrators believe that is vital to give consumers a chance to give original comments about an investment that they have made. Tayce Zeleke is one of the millions who use Trust Pilot to review products. She recently stated through the site that Fabletics is a brilliant manufacturer and merchandiser of sportswear. M. Davis, another Trust Pilot reviewer, commended Fabletics for their inclusion of larger sized sports bras.


The Krazy Koupon Lady is a famous blogger who regularly features reviews on stores such as Sephora, Crazy 8, Home Depot and Amazon. The blogger stated that the best Fabletics sales package is the VIP membership program that discount’s a customer’s full outfit to only 49.95 dollars, from the typical 100 dollars. As a VIP member, The Krazy Koupon Lady received her first items for only 25 dollars, with free shipping. In her review of Fabletics, she clarified the misconception that Fabletics will always deduct an amount from one’s credit card, after skipping a month of shopping from the store. One is required to log into Fabletics between the 1st and 5th days of a month and click “skip a month” to avoid unnecessary charges. Overall, the blogger recommends Fabletics for their high-quality items that rival those of Lululemon and discounted prices that almost match up to those at Target.