Fashion Expert

Bring On The Beauty With Lime Crime

The beauty and fashion trends of spring 2018 have arrived. Inspiration is everywhere you look. Beauty and fashion is popping out of every angle. Everyone has a different style. Some styles catch your eye, and some should have never left the house.

The beauty brand Lime Crime Makeup is trendy and cruelty-free. They suggest starting with your beauty, then moving to your fashion. The tips of spring 2018 will have you trendy for any occasion.

Show off the structure of your face with a highlighter. Highlighters come in powder or stick form, and they are used to emphasis and add glow. Use them to show your faces best features. You can brighten your eyes, define your nose, and bring glow to your cheek bones. Lime Crime has an opalescent palette with three shades. You can keep it subtle or you can go vibrant.

Let the sparkle of your eyes stand out with a matte lipstick. Some people may question if you are even wearing lipstick at all. The matte lipstick has the potential to look so perfect and natural. Lime Crime’s matte lipsticks won’t come off when you eat, drink, or kiss. It remains its velvety smooth finish.

Everyone loves the purple. The color of spring is encouraged by purple accents. Lime Crime’s official color of spring 2018 includes lavender, lilac, magenta, plum, and sangria. The Venus three palette includes cool tones to vibrant lilac.

You want a foundation you can trust. The word foundation means a strong base before building begins. Makeup foundation has the same concept. It is a base to build up on. It evens your skin tone as it covers bumps, blemishes, or redness from being seen. Make sure your foundation is infused with SPF so you are protected from the sun. You want to make sure the foundation is a perfect match to your skin. You don’t want to look unnatural or orange.

Add a sparkly glow with some glitter. Spice up your night and make that glitter shine when the light hits your face. Lime Crime’s Diamond crushers bring on all the glitz and glam. Bring on that unicorn shine.