Expansion of Business

Fabletics Stores Are Now Open And Ready For Business

Many who are JustFab fans were more than excited when they found out about the Fabletics company that was cofounded by Kate Hudson because of the kinds of items that the online store would be selling. Instead of the certain fashions that are sold in the JustFab stores, the Fabletics stores would be selling only athletic wear. Although athletic wear can be found in many types of stores online, as well as in storefronts, Fabletics has chosen to open several stores and plans on opening more in order to cater to all of their customers in many different locations.

The goal for Fabletics is to have a hundred stores open by five years tops, and this goal is very achievable, especially since they’ve already opened their seventh store so far. Instead of keeping Fabletics as an online store, opening up storefronts has allowed them to reach other customers that may have had a hard time shopping online. Not everyone currently has a credit or debit card that they can use to shop online, and some prefer not to shop online at all due to the security risks. Even those with excellent firewalls and protection against hackers are still worried about shopping online, hence why they would rather shop in a store.

Fabletics is going to benefit from the many people who choose to shop in their stores on Facebook, and with more stores coming soon, there will be a lot of people in different areas that will be able to benefit from them, just as it states in the Racked article online. Kate Hudson, as well as Adam Goldenberg, both have a dream that they will bring Fabletics to many different customers and excel past their current sales, which is over 800,000 items being shipped each month. With the opening of the stores, it’s easily possible for their sales will progress even further, especially when more and more stores are going to be opening in the future.

Another bonus is the fact that Fabletics allows its customers to sign up for membership within the store, which only used to be available online. Similar to signing up for membership online, those who sign up for membership in the store can use it the same way as they would use it online. The Fabletics membership fee is $49.95, and constant usage of the membership will build up points to use towards any purchases in the store. The membership fee paid is also spendable in the online store or the storefront, so the customer will never lose their membership fee. With new products that are always coming in, it’s very easy for an athlete or someone who is always active to find great activewear products at Fabletics. See: https://www.mallofamerica.com/shopping/directory/fabletics