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Talkspace: Talking Online Therapy to Another Level

Talkspace: Talking Online Therapy to Another Level

The global leader when it comes to online therapy, Talkspace Reviews, together with Michael Phelps announced the new strategic partnership aimed at promoting therapy as a crucial tool in aiding the improvement of mental health. The partnership will feature a national TV campaign where MichaelPhelp will give an in-depth analysis of his personal experiences. This is with the aim of encouraging people to open up on mental health. It also seeks to show the benefits of using Talkspace.

Michael Phelps has struggled throughout his career with depression and anxiety. At many points, he lacked the support system needed. But he learned that opening up and talking about issues gave him strength. Together with Talkspace, Michael Phelps hopes to fight the stigma which revolves around mental health and the circumstances which deter people from seeking therapy services. Check out this article of talkspace at

The Talkspace platform aims at enabling the users to get the aid they need through several devices. The firm offers a space where the clients can connect with the therapists. The online therapy network works through technology media such as the app for texting, voice calls, video chats and audio messaging. The client is paired with a therapist with the client deciding on the frequency of interactions with the therapist.

In addition to the therapy services, Talkspace also offers advice to both the members and the wider community online through blog posts posted by therapists. The target market for Talkspace is the over 40 million Americans suffering from different types of mental illnesses.

Talkspace is an online therapy platform which provides users with access to licensed therapists through the internet. The firm aims to get rid of the hurdles faced by mentally ill patients through online therapy. The firm was founded back in 2012 and has helped millions of patients to cope up with mental issues. The firm estimates 70% of the clients never have access to therapy before.

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The Career Path of Kevin Seawright That Made Him Who He Is Now

Kevin Seawright has made a name for himself in the world of leadership and finance. Currently, he is offering his services in two positions the chief financial officer and executive vice president. The company that Kevin offers this services to is Newark Economic Development Corporation. From the moment he started his career journey he has experienced nothing but great success as an entrepreneur and leader. Many respected leaders all over the world have sought his advice, and Kevin Seawright is always there to help where he can. He has been consistently working in the financial and administrative management for so many years. View Kevin Seawright’s profile at LinkedIn

The career path of Kevin Seawright has been fulfilling to him, and he is still doing so well as a leader. All the accomplishments that he has does not stop him from living a public life and getting to meet people on a daily basis. The social media page that he is so active in is Twitter. Seawright has so many followers because all people that follow him want to know of the knowledge that has been of help in achieving his greatness. When he joined Newark Economic Development Corporation on May 19th, 2015 he had 13 years of experience.

The experience that he had was working for government agencies where he was the financial manager. In Baltimore, he was the one behind the idea of having a new accounting system, and that would be of assistance in saving for the Baltimore commission of aging and retirement. The other position that he held was at housing authority of Baltimore where he offered his service as the payroll director. Kevin did not stay in that position for long because he went to the department of recreation and parks where he was the chief financial officer. For the dedication and hard work that he offered the people of Baltimore, he was chosen as the Deputy Chief Operating officer of education where he provided his services for six years.

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Shervin Pishevar Predicts Future of Economy

Shervin Pishevar is a successful entrepreneur who invests in various companies. He was born in Iran, and he moved to the United States as a young child. His parents encouraged him to enter the medical profession. However, he was much more interested in learning about operating a business.

He founded several technology companies early in his career. After several years of being a business owner, he decided to establish a venture capital firm. He found success by investing in companies at early stages. Shervin Pishevar has been involved in funding more than 60 new companies. Some of his most notable investments include equity positions in both Uber and Airbnb.


Shervin Pishevar recently tweeted about the future of the United States. He is a passionate political activist, and he firmly believes the United States is on the wrong track for the future. Shervin campaigned against President Trump when he was running for office.

Shervin believes that the stock market is going to crash in the coming months. He says that rising interest rates will cause investors to abandon the stock market. When interest rates rise, investors have other options to earn income outside of the stock market.

Shervin also predicted that automation would cripple the economy. He thinks that politicians are utterly unprepared for all of the changes that will take place in the coming years. Shervin Pishevar has always read about new technology, and he thinks millions of people will become unemployed within the next few years.

Political Causes

Shervin was a fervent support of President Obama while he was in office. Shervin also received an opportunity to work with the United Nations on various business projects. Although Shervin enjoyed working on these projects, he would much rather spend his time and energy managing his business. He plans to continue investing in entrepreneurs who need capital to get started.


Malcolm Casselle – CIO of the World’s Leading Bitcoin Merchant

Malcolm CasSelle is a chief information officer of OPSkins, a global leader in in-game virtual assets sales. The company is also the world’s leading bitcoin merchant. It has a following of users from all over the world who regularly make cross-border micro-payments, making the company a prime candidate when it comes to market size as well as demand for a protocol that’s decentralized.

The company is the number one centralized marketplace for virtual assets, but there are always limitations to the technological abilities of all centralized technologies. This makes the virtual assets decentralized marketplace the natural next action in the progression.

OPSkins creators are launching a brand new blockchain platform designed for virtual asset trading, known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). Worldwide Asset eXchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace for virtual assets trading. It’s built upon a blockchain foundation and decentralized smart contracts that are going to allow sellers and buyers to trade virtual assets with each another efficiently.

About Malcolm Casselle

He holds a master’s degree in computer science, which he earned from Stanford University. He also has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, which he received from MIT. Casselle is the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange and the CIO of OPSkins. Before WAX, he served as president and CTO of New Ventures at tronc, which was formerly Tribune Publishing. Before tronc, Inc., Casselle was the general manager, Digital Media and senior vice president of SeaChange International.

He joined the company in the year 2015 as apart of the SeaChange International’s acquisition of Timeline Labs. While in Timeline Lab, he served as its chief executive officer. Previously, he led many startup companies in the digital industry. These startups include Xfire, MediaPass, and the joint venture of Groupon with Tencent in China. Also, Casselle has been an active investor in popular companies like Zynga, Facebook, and funds in blockchain verticals and big data.

Earlier in his career, he was the co-founder PCCW, which is a publicly Hong Kong-based traded telecom currently valued at over 35 billion dollars.

During his career, Casselle helped in raising millions for the public offering for PCCW and also hundreds of millions of dollars for other private transactions.

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Lacey and Larkin fight Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio was reelected as the Sheriff of Maricopa County for six terms, and it almost looked like the controversial Sheriff was undefeatable. However, this would change after he lost his 7th for reelection in 2016. After he lost the seat, he was taken to court to answer for crimes he had committed while serving as the Sheriff.

He was found guilty of contempt of courts for failing to comply with an earlier ruling made while he was the sheriff. He was supposed to stop all cases of discrimination against immigrants, but he never stopped. He was to be convicted in late 2017, but this did not happen as President Trump pardoned him. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Joe Arpaio 24 years in office were marked by the worst cases of human right violations in the county of Maricopa. He presided over a regime that did not respect the rule of law and acted with the savagery of the highest degree. While serving as the Sheriff, he caught the attention of the country by allegations of human discrimination which were going on in his county.

The Latinos were the most affected by the discrimination that was going on at the time. He made sure that everyone who did not have documents to allow them to live in the country were hunted down like animals and place in concentration camps awaiting deportation back to the countries.

The worst cases of discrimination now happened in these concentration camps. With a high number of people placed in these concentration camps, the living conditions were unbearable. The camps lacked a supply of basic human needs such as water and food. The temperatures in the camps were also unbearable. It was almost impossible to live under such conditions.

Joe Arpaio, however, continued to expose hundreds of immigrants to such conditions forgetting that despite the nationality of a human being, their human rights should always be respected. Joe Arpaio did not show respect for human rights despite being an official of the government.

The actions of Joe Arpaio were exposed why Phoenix New Times which was owned by two journalists- Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two journalist followed up on what he was doing and decided to expose him to the world.

The expose would, however, earn them a night in the concentration camps after Arpaio ordered for their arrest. They were released on the followi9ng morning following condemnation of the arrest by media stations all over the country.

Lacey and Larkin in 2017 launched a website known as “Front Page Confidential” to highlight cases of First Amendmentin the country. In April 2018, they were arrested by the FBI on allegations of committing crimes while running a website known as which they had earlier sold in 2015.

The FBI arrested the two in a swoop that also involved the closure of their website. Currently, they are awaiting trial and will be charged with 93 counts of breaking the law. According to the Front Page Confidential, the latest move is just an attempt to shut them up and stop them from highlighting the First Amendments cases in the country.

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The Success of OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership

The 43 years’ experience of Sheldon Lavin in the food industry has made him transform from a financial expert career to a distinguished executive in one of the most successful meat companies in the world. His first experience in the food industry was when he joined OSI Group in 1970 when the company was still recognized as Otto & Sons. The small company then used to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s Inc.

His journey to OSI Group foundation

After Sheldon Lavin started working with Otto & Sons, the company began to expand as it looked for investments overseas. As the company progressed, Otto resigned due to his age and left his two sons to manage the business, and because of Lavin’s experience and knowledge in financial investment, he became a partner to the company. He helped Otto & Sons to get new ventures while securing sufficient funds that would help the company operate worldwide. To this end, the company changed its name to OSI Group, making it grow into a global brand. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin¸, the company has increased its revenue as well recruit a large number of staff.

Leading the company towards internationalization

Sheldon became the sole controller of OSI Group after the two sons sold to him their shares. Up to date, he still remains the chief executive officer (CEO) and is still continuing to foster its growth in the global market. Amidst the fact that the company has over 55 facilities distributed across the globe, Sheldon Lavin still pushes for the construction of more plants, particularly in China. In addition, the company has expanded its territories to Australia, Philippines, South America and India.

Awards earned during his tenure

Sheldon has been present with several awards since he landed his position at the company. His first award was the 2016 Global Visionary Award which he received as a result of his ability to create employment opportunities. During his tenure as the CEO and Chairman of the company, OSI Group received different awards which recognized its contribution to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Furthermore, he has been referred to as a philanthropist as he has participated greatly in charities. His contributions have supported different organizations including Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Chicago girls and boys Clubs, and the Jewish United Fund. Sheldon hopes that the company will be able to serve every country.

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How Hussain Sajwani Has Changed the UAE Economy

Hussain Sajwani is among the few businessmen who know how to take advantage of an investment opportunity when it presents itself. The influential real estate expert has become very popular in the recent times due to his accomplishments in the complex markets. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

His area of business is one of the most competitive in the market. However, Hussain Sajwani has worked exceptionally hard to make his real estate company a leader.

Several years ago, the UAE government announced that it was going to allow foreign businessmen to come into the country and make investments. Hussain Sajwani thought that this was going to be a perfect opportunity for him because he was always interested in real estate. Hussain realized that the foreigners who were coming to invest in Dubai were in need of luxurious hotels for accommodation.

There were very few hotels in the market, and this made things difficult for the investors who had a lot of capital. Sajwani founded a company known as DAMAC Properties so that he could assist the foreigners with the services they needed.

DAMAC Properties has been very successful in its mission. Under the leadership of Sajwani, the company has managed to expand, and it has constructed several residential and commercial buildings in numerous parts of the world. The DAMAC owner has done all he can to make his company the best in the complex markets.

Before venturing into real estate, Sajwani was working in the hospitality department. His parents had taken him to one of the leading universities in America. After his graduation, Sajwani felt that most of the companies he wanted to work for were giving him very little salaries. The businessman decided to start a food company so that he could serve the company. Using the expert skills he acquired at the university, Sajwani grew the food company.

In a very short time, the organization was supplying its products to several countries including the United States forces. The motivation he got from the company has assisted him to invest in several other companies. The Hussain Sajwani family is considered to be one of the wealthiest in the world because of the profits they get from their company.


How Nathaniel Ru Brought Sweetgreen to Life

The Sweetgreen experience isn’t anything you can tangibly nail down. What it is, however, is the entire aura permeating one of the hottest high end salad chains in the northeast. Sweetgreen was founded in 2007 by Nathaniel Ru and two of his fellow students at Georgetown University.

The trio of co-founders dreamed of a new restaurant chain that offered customers a complete experience to go along with their high quality food. Nathaniel Ru, easily the most accessible of the bunch, sat down to explain what brought Sweetgreen to life as well as what they are aiming to do in the future to incorporate the Sweetgreen experience into as many places as possible.

So to understand the Sweetgreen experience you need to understand their goals upon inception. Jonathan Nema, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru were taking a class on business at Georgetown University when they started to come up with an idea for a company that would give back to the community as much as it would improve the quality of food being vended in the fast food arena. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

After deliberation the team ended up settling on what would eventually become Sweetgreen. They wanted to focus on pulling together high end ingredients from locally sourced farms. They also wanted to focus on putting together meals that left customers full without need to max out on another order. The goal was always to be healthy, to offer great food, and to make Sweetgreen part of the landscape.

Nathaniel Ru says that he and his co-founders modeled their company after the work being done at Apple. Ru says, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something.” Ru goes on to say that he admires the CEO at Under Armour, Kevin Plank, for the work he has done pushing Under Armour past being just another clothing brand. Ru says of Kevin Plank, “I look up to Kevin Plank and what he’s done with Under Armour – it’s a company that stands for something bigger than itself.”

When Ru was first dreaming up Sweetgreen with his companions he settled on the salad idea for a simple reason: Georgetown University didn’t have many healthy dining options on campus.

This brought them to establishing their first Sweetgreen location on campus which was, admittedly, a risky proposition. However, the defining moment of the company came when they survived their first winter without students on campus. From there on up it was easy sledding and now more than 40 Sweetgreen locations dot the United States.

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Scott Rocklage Improves the Healthcare Industry

Scott Rocklage is among the top people in the world who have become so accomplished. Scott majors in healthcare administration. In his higher education, Scott attained a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California and got a Ph.D. in also chemistry from MIT.

Rocklage has an experience of 30 years in the healthcare world. He joined 5AM Ventures in the year 003 and became a creative partner. He used to be the chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Other than being at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, the excelled Scott also worked at Nycomed and was their CEO and president. Moreover, he has been a board member of organizations like; Epirus, Rennovia, Pulmatrix, and Cidara.

All these posts and companies show the incredible leadership and devotion of Scott Rocklage. He has also founded and co-founded more than 30 US unions. Other than his profession, Scott is also an author who has succeeded in publishing over 100 books.

5AM Ventures is a company dedicated to working with venture capital and all that it entails. As an organization, they have objectives that they are working hard to achieve such as establishing companies that will supply the best revenues to their customers. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

The firm has also collaborated with a number of organizations so that they can make health facilities that will invent medicine and science creations. The medicine and science inventions will hinder be able to tell and put off medical dangers.

The staff members of the organization are working so hard to attain all the goals of the firm. They have operational, professionalism, financial and scientific skills. Furthermore, they also relate well amongst themselves due to having a similar background.

Scott takes care of the needs of all the clients prior to attending to other duties. The employees of the firm have the following roles; company hire, firm and fundraising strategies and business growth. They also participate as board members of a number of companies.

5AM Ventures has a number of exceptional strategies that help in their development. They include; Biopharmaceutical, research tools and medical technology. The company has made a great step in improving the healthcare industry.

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Vijay Eswaran insights to successful modern marketing

Vijay’s story is incredible. He owns a company worth over $550 million and surprisingly his previous job was a cab driver.

He did this through the powerful leverage of network marketing hence changing his and thousands of other lives too within MLM business. He has an inspiring, educative story with the central insights that should help you persevere wrong time and also shorten your success path.

Insight one emphasizes on the overcoming condition. Beliefs should not hinder you from achieving your real goals and dreams, therefore, examine and consider changing them if they are causing you struggle. The second insight is learning to serve others. It should not be about your income, but about the difference made in financial futures of everyone.

On the third insight, we come to learn that giving is how we get. Also, can be interpreted as when you put others first it brings incredible results into your life. When you want to be successful in network marketing, you ought to give back to those near you. Giving is how you get, and you reap what you sow. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016 and Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Fourth insight is to look at where you should understand that sixty minutes of pure meditation can help you maximize your productivity in the rest twenty-three hours. This kind of pure meditation helps one get comfortable with oneself without all the distractions of life.

To be visionary in business instead of reactionary means being intentional, proactive, always planning before and foreseeing challenges before they arise.

Fifth insight is that it takes timing, persevere and ten years. Most of the people give up too soon when they are halfway through to success. Biz Stoner, the co founder of Twitter, said: “timing, persevere, and ten years of trying will eventually make you seem like an overnight success.” Sixth is truth sells. Being authentic and transparent is important.

Lastly living with a sense of urgency, this is because our time is not guaranteed. Seize this day and live to the fullest. Don’t wait for tomorrow to accomplish your dreams.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: