I Never Thought I’d Be Legally Allowed to Stay in This Country. Now I’m a Teacher.

No one e knew I would be where I am now. In fact, I never knew I would be legally allowed to continue staying in the United States. When I graduated from college, I was taken in to commence my education as a member of the college alumni. While I came from Mexico in the first place, I had my family immigrate to San Jose where they decided to put up there. This was a new age of exploration with new opportunities in the United States. Therefore, I decided to see to it that my education was the best in college. Those first years were not as comfortable as they were in the recent past.

Eight of our family members stayed in a two-bedroom apartment. While we used to wonder what we could do to sustain our family, my father used to work day and night to secure enough money to keep the family going forward. My dad bought our first house when I was five. This was the beginning of our good days in the country. We knew we had to achieve the best to keep staying in this country. This was the time when I commenced my education at a neighborhood school. While they expected me to keep getting good grades at school, they never assisted me with homework. However, I knew I had to do so much to keep the ball rolling.

Every time I didn’t want to wake up for school, my father told me that my only work in this world at that time was to go to school. Therefore, I obeyed his words. While my grades were improving, I wasn’t sure I was learning as much as I should in school. I did well in science and maths. However, it did not like English.

When the time came to apply for college, my world was not on the right side. I was told by someone that I would afford my university education because I was an immigrant. However, I was so lucky to get a job that sustained my education to the end of the college session, the luckiest part of my education was that I got a job to work for the Rocketship Academy as a teacher.