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The Career Path of Kevin Seawright That Made Him Who He Is Now

Kevin Seawright has made a name for himself in the world of leadership and finance. Currently, he is offering his services in two positions the chief financial officer and executive vice president. The company that Kevin offers this services to is Newark Economic Development Corporation. From the moment he started his career journey he has experienced nothing but great success as an entrepreneur and leader. Many respected leaders all over the world have sought his advice, and Kevin Seawright is always there to help where he can. He has been consistently working in the financial and administrative management for so many years. View Kevin Seawright’s profile at LinkedIn

The career path of Kevin Seawright has been fulfilling to him, and he is still doing so well as a leader. All the accomplishments that he has does not stop him from living a public life and getting to meet people on a daily basis. The social media page that he is so active in is Twitter. Seawright has so many followers because all people that follow him want to know of the knowledge that has been of help in achieving his greatness. When he joined Newark Economic Development Corporation on May 19th, 2015 he had 13 years of experience.

The experience that he had was working for government agencies where he was the financial manager. In Baltimore, he was the one behind the idea of having a new accounting system, and that would be of assistance in saving for the Baltimore commission of aging and retirement. The other position that he held was at housing authority of Baltimore where he offered his service as the payroll director. Kevin did not stay in that position for long because he went to the department of recreation and parks where he was the chief financial officer. For the dedication and hard work that he offered the people of Baltimore, he was chosen as the Deputy Chief Operating officer of education where he provided his services for six years.

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How Does Organo Gold Food and Beverage Company Help People Improve Lives?

Organo Gold Food and Beverage Company is a marketing company that was established in 2008 in Canada. The company was developed with a primary goal of improving the lives of people by reaching new levels of prosperity, balance, and wellness through products and opportunity. Currently, the business sponsors OG Cares Foundation, an organization that focuses on developing leaders of tomorrow through the enrichment of the young people.

Organo Gold products contain Ganoderma a fungi that often pop up in woods that are decaying. They are mushroom-like and usually available in tropical Asia. The mushrooms are thought to have antibacterial effects, anticancer effects, antifungal effects, liver protecting effects, antioxidant, antiviral effects, blood cholesterol redactors, and hypoglycemic effects. The mushrooms are not only medically significant but also economically significant.

The unique characteristics of Ganoderma have enabled Organo Gold to produce products which have been recognized as being healthy in various ways. The beverages and foods of the company are said to help with things such as immune system support, provide antioxidants, and weight loss.

The major benefit that Ganoderma has is cancer prevention. It boosts immunity and at the same time fight proliferation associated with cancer cells. They prevent the migration of metastasis and cancer cells. The extracts of Ganoderma are now being used by some pharmaceuticals to stop cancer cells from multiplying and spreading.

Gold Food and Beverage Company is currently operating more than 45 countries, and the unique characteristics of their products make the company more competitive in the industry. The delivery system of the company is selling and sampling of gourmet tea, coffee, nutraceuticals, skin care products, and hot chocolate.

The above information about Organo Gold Food and Beverage Company is essential for you if you want to start a business to understand how creating unique products will help you become competitive.

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SteelSeries Says NewsWatch TV Understands Public Relations

The take-home message about NewsWatch TV? They know how public relations work.

This was the find of Tori Pugliese, the senior director of marketing at Steelseries, a company that worked with NewsWatch TV to produce a pair of reviews.

SteelSeries, an electronics and headphone company, needed reviews that focused on the company’s game controllers and headphones. Their aim was to promote the SteelSeries brand to as many potential customers as possible and, according the broadcaster, the reviews reached more than 95 million viewers in every market in the United States.

Pugliese said NewsWatch TV delivered the right message to its target audience in a manner that was understandable to viewers. She followed by saying the distribution was “awesome” and “helpful” and that her company started work with NewsWatch back in the fall of 2013. During the “seamless” process Pugliese said the staff at NewsWatch TV understood the product and created a timely and relevant script. The eventual production was used in the company’s online promotional marketing as well.

NewsWatch TV produces a syndicated broadcast appearing in more than 200 U.S. markets on a weekly basis. It’s aired on the ION network and AMC and the episodes touch on subjects ranging from health to travel to fashion to interviews with popular celebrities. The broadcaster has also aired segments on large U.S. businesses including Bounty, NASCAR, Sports Authority and others.

NewsWatch TV uses these reviews to generate revenue for its owners, Bridge Communications. The company was started in 1989 and is based out of Arlington, VA, and has offices throughout the United States.

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Drew Madden works to increase cost effectiveness of U.S. healthcare

Drew Madden ranks among the most accomplished figures in the healthcare IT space today. He has worked tirelessly over the course of his 15-year career to help bring lasting reforms to the U.S. healthcare system, especially in the area of cutting the ever-spiraling costs that the country has suffered over the last few decades.

Helping to streamline processes

Madden is now at the helm of his own company, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, which he founded in 2017 to help bring about the much-needed changes that he says will help to contain the perennially increasing costs of healthcare in the country.

Madden and his firm are working on a number of initiatives that will help bring costs under control, both from the provider’s and the consumer’s end. One of the areas in which Madden is actively creating novel and effective solutions is that of electronic hospital records. One of the most serious problems that the U.S. healthcare system has traditionally faced is the siloed nature of electronic hospital records.

If someone from Minnesota gets sick while on vacation in Hawaii, the Hawaiian hospital where they are being treated may not have access to most or all of that patient’s records. This means that the hospital may have to run completely redundant and brutally costly tests. It also means that the patient may not receive lifesaving care in time. None of these outcomes are anything that should be part of a first-world healthcare system.

By working to make electronic hospital records universal and cross-compatible throughout all healthcare systems in the United States, Drew Madden and Evergreen Healthcare Partners are taking concrete steps towards lowering the inefficiencies created by siloing and helping to ensure that all patients, wherever they are within the United States, receive top-quality healthcare.

This is just one of the many ways in which Evergreen Healthcare Partners is currently working to overhaul the U.S. medical system, making healthcare more affordable and the quality of care provided becoming of the richest nation that has ever existed.

In the coming decades, Drew Madden and Evergreen will be two players within the healthcare IT space to watch.


Dick Devos

For a number of years, the Devos family has been giving to charity and education in Michigan. The family has been political before at the state level, but now as Betsy Devos becomes the 11th US Education Secretary, she has finally crossed over into politics. Her husband Dick Devos has followed suit. However, his aspirations have always been political. Although he was unsuccessful in his governor run for Michigan in 2006, he has pursued a career in politics alongside his wife.


Now, he will finally get the chance to work in Washington. As of September 2017, he has joined the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. Many do not realize this but Devos has a long history in aviation and has been helping the local airport in his hometown of Grand Rapids for over two decades. Devos received praise from the CEO of Southwest and CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport for the nomination.


The nomination comes after the FAA had created the council as an advisory board for upcoming policies and regulation changes. President Trump had challenged the agency during his presidential run by stating that airports in other markets were far more advanced than America’s own aviation industry.


The FAA has been announcing policy changes throughout 2018. It has also announced changes to technology in certain areas, such as the announcement for the $40.9 million new tower at GSO. However, the council has been advising the FAA on a variety of new growth ideas, which is where Devos plays a major role.


After all, it was Devos who helped turn around a failing airport in his hometown. The Gerald R. Ford International Airport received a $45 million renovation fund after many years of help from Devos. The former CEO of Amway went the extra mile to help out his colleague and friend the CEO of the airport after the re-launch in 1999 of the airport proved to have no effect on ticket sales.


Devos saw that there were greater opportunities for the airport following a phone call to AirTran Airways in 2001. He talked to the CEO about adding more destinations. He specifically saw opportunities for areas that business travelers frequented, such as Orlando, Vegas, St. Louis, and Denver. The AirTran Airways CEO also saw that opportunity and eventually opened up these flights. Now the Gerald R. Ford International Airport had some real destinations, which immediately resulted in an increase in ticket sales.


For over a decade, Devos has been working with the CEO of the airport, contributing where he can to help with expansions. He talked to the CEO of Southwest when the company bought out AirTran Airways in order to persuade him to not take away any of the new terminals. That proved to be lucrative as well. Southwest eventually expanded much more at the airport and even contributed to the $45 million renovation to be completed in 2018.


The expanded airport would have an exclusive business traveler’s center, as well as an upgraded food court and new technology throughout the airport. This was the type of progress that got you nominated to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. The council is comprised of 13 members from business, transportation authority, and airline executive backgrounds. The nomination was praised by the CEOs of several companies, including the CEO of Southwest.


Now that Devos has been working with the FAA for about a year, he has had some time on Capitol Hill. He joins his wife, the 11th US Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, who has been working in Washington since her appointment in 2016. She has taken on education reform, a cause which is also close to Dick Devos’ heart. It’s the reason why he co-founded the pilot training school West Michigan Aviation Academy in his hometown of Grand Rapids.


Devos will continue to meet with the council for another two years. The council meets once every quarter.


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Talkspace Partners Up With Michael Phelps and New Directions

Talkspace was launched in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank, and is a New York-based online and mobile therapy company. Users of the Talkspace platform have access to license therapists, either through their website or through their iOS and Android mobile app. The company grew in quick fashion and currently has more than 500,000 clients as well as over 1,000 therapists, being the global leader when it comes to online therapy.

In 2018, Talkspace announced their partnership with athlete Michael Phelps in order to promote therapy as a significant tool that can help improve mental health issues. The partnership featured a national TV campaign, with Michael Phelps sharing his experiences with certain issues and encouraging people to speak openly about them. The athlete noted that he struggled with depression and anxiety at various points throughout his career, and he found it difficult to get the help he needed. Discovering that he could speak with a therapist by web, text, or video gave him a feeling of empowerment, and as he started opening up about his issues he felt strength, as opposed to vulnerability.

Phelps mentioned that he wants to help others who might be dealing with the same challenges he experienced. The announcement of the partnership between Talkspace and Phelps also noted that in order to advise the company on their mental health strategy, the athlete will join the company’s Board of Advisors, which is a small group comprised of psychologists, corporate CEOs, and industry experts.

Another partnership that made headlines was between New Directions Behavioral Health and Talkspace. Through this partnership, selected customers of New Directions will have access to the Talkspace platform through the company’s Employee Assistance Program. The Chief Executive Officer of New Directions noted that partnering with Talkspace makes it easier, convenient, and effective for people to access therapy with a licensed clinician. He also stated that by measuring clinical outcomes, they can see the impact that therapy is having on overall wellbeing. Employees that are facing personal life, work, or relationship related challenges will gain access to confidential behavioral health support through their mobile phone.

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Shervin Pishevar Predicts Future of Economy

Shervin Pishevar is a successful entrepreneur who invests in various companies. He was born in Iran, and he moved to the United States as a young child. His parents encouraged him to enter the medical profession. However, he was much more interested in learning about operating a business.

He founded several technology companies early in his career. After several years of being a business owner, he decided to establish a venture capital firm. He found success by investing in companies at early stages. Shervin Pishevar has been involved in funding more than 60 new companies. Some of his most notable investments include equity positions in both Uber and Airbnb.


Shervin Pishevar recently tweeted about the future of the United States. He is a passionate political activist, and he firmly believes the United States is on the wrong track for the future. Shervin campaigned against President Trump when he was running for office.

Shervin believes that the stock market is going to crash in the coming months. He says that rising interest rates will cause investors to abandon the stock market. When interest rates rise, investors have other options to earn income outside of the stock market.

Shervin also predicted that automation would cripple the economy. He thinks that politicians are utterly unprepared for all of the changes that will take place in the coming years. Shervin Pishevar has always read about new technology, and he thinks millions of people will become unemployed within the next few years.

Political Causes

Shervin was a fervent support of President Obama while he was in office. Shervin also received an opportunity to work with the United Nations on various business projects. Although Shervin enjoyed working on these projects, he would much rather spend his time and energy managing his business. He plans to continue investing in entrepreneurs who need capital to get started.


Jeremy Goldstein- Creating His distinctive Business Law slot

Most of the companies use different compensations methods ranging from stocks options, cash, equities and even increased health insurances.

However, most of the companies have opted to scrap off using stocks options as means compensations citing more complex problems. Businesses believe that stock options may drop significantly adding no value to employee kind of benefit and some employees don’t like stock options.  Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

The advantage of using stock option is the fact that some staff members find it easy to understand the high future values stock options may possess. Additionally, if the company performs well and the share values value rise it boosts their personal earning, and this makes the employee prioritize on the company growth.

Stock options offer minimal tax burdens to employer unlike other compensation methods like equities. According to Jeremy Goldstein using the correct strategies makes it easy to use stock options as a way of compensations, and it can help to avoid excessive costs.

Steps taken should help the company to minimize on ongoing expenses and another overhang.

Embracing knockout strategy is one way of eliminating any future stock options barrier that’s may manifest. Jeremy Goldstein says using the knock out strategy offer the correct vesting requirements with the same limit like the conventional strategies but if the share values drop within the given amount the employee might end up losing the stocks.

Jeremy Goldstein is a well known and established lawyer with 15 years of extensive skills offering business law services to various corporations within New York. Jeremy Goldstein found his law firm Jeremy L.Goldstein and Associates LLC that gives legal advice to corporation’s regarding employee benefits.

Previously he had worked as a partner in other law firms offering the same line of business. Jeremy Goldstein played a significant role in transactions involving Chevron, Verizon, Merck, and AT&T and actively served as a board member of Fountain House a nonprofit organization and prestigious law journal.

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Paul Mampilly advice on investing in small semiconductors companies

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor. He now says that blockchain technology should be used to protect personal data. Identity theft has been rampant in recent years, and there is a need to take some responsibility and ensure that personal information is protected. The blockchain technology works in such a way that it is impossible to change any information that is entered. No one can alter ones’ information without being tracked. Anything that is recorded cannot be deleted. For hackers to use your information, they may be forced to hack thousands of serves where the information is stored, which is not possible.

To ensure that this information is not stolen, Paul Mampilly is advocating for microchips to be used in protecting human identity. Mampilly is one of the brilliant investors in the world. He started his career in the Wall Street in 1991. He holds an MBA from Fordham University. His first job was at the Bankers Trust where he was recruited as an assistant portfolio manager. He then moved to other financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, ING among others, where he had an opportunity to manage accounts worth millions of dollars. In 2006, Paul Mampilly was given an opportunity to manage Kinetic Asset Management. As a hedge fund manager, he was responsible for a $6 billion fund. After working with the fund for some years, he left. As he went, he left an impeccable track record. The hedge fund had grown its capital to $26 billion.

If it is about the experience, this man has everything in check. When the projects that we might be using microchips in the near future, he very sure about it, he has been in this industry long enough to know what can happen. Paul Mampilly is projecting that microchips will be used and it is the time for people to start looking at the semiconductors stocks for possible investment opportunities.

Paul Mampilly is urging investor to consider the small companies that deal with semiconductors. When the microchips are rolled out, these companies will be the greatest beneficiaries. They also have the highest returns when the market shifts.

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Guilherme’s Business Success Gains Recognition

Guilherme Paulus has made several smart business choices throughout his long career in the tourism industry, and it has allowed him to become a millionaire. The first smart choice Paulus made was to establish a small tourism agency when he was a young man.

Guilherme Paulus and his partner founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A in 1972. With hard work and innovative business ideas, Guilherme Paulus grew the tourism agency, and it is now a very important travel agency in Latin America.

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After buying his partner out, Guilherme Paulus made another smart choice to sell shares of CVC to the Carlyle Group for three hundred and ninety-four dollars. However, he held on to a significant amount of shares in CVC. Currently, CVC has over 400 agencies throughout Brazil with plans to open more locations. Paulus’s smart business move to keep shares in CVC allows him to continue to keep earning money through CVC. The tourism agency continues to earn increasing profits each additional year that it does business. After selling shares in CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A Guilherme Paulus decided to invest in a new business venture. Paulus established the GJP hotel and resort group.

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A is a successful company that has developed partnerships with hotels chains, airlines, and sea carriers. CVC’s prominent position in Brazil’s tourism industry impacts the Brazilian economy by providing jobs for people in the tourism industry. CVC’s success has also impacted governments in other countries. Paulus has received awards for his contribution to the tourism industry by the government of France, and cities in Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States. Paulus has also received many awards in his home country of Brazil.

Paulus has been honored and achieved recognition by several newspapers. Paulus continues to seek business opportunities by acquiring new assets. Paulus acquired the small airline Webjet which owned one airplane, and he expanded it until it became a top airline in Brazil. Once the airline was successful Paulus sold it in 201l.