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Guilherme’s Business Success Gains Recognition

Guilherme Paulus has made several smart business choices throughout his long career in the tourism industry, and it has allowed him to become a millionaire. The first smart choice Paulus made was to establish a small tourism agency when he was a young man.

Guilherme Paulus and his partner founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A in 1972. With hard work and innovative business ideas, Guilherme Paulus grew the tourism agency, and it is now a very important travel agency in Latin America.

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After buying his partner out, Guilherme Paulus made another smart choice to sell shares of CVC to the Carlyle Group for three hundred and ninety-four dollars. However, he held on to a significant amount of shares in CVC. Currently, CVC has over 400 agencies throughout Brazil with plans to open more locations. Paulus’s smart business move to keep shares in CVC allows him to continue to keep earning money through CVC. The tourism agency continues to earn increasing profits each additional year that it does business. After selling shares in CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A Guilherme Paulus decided to invest in a new business venture. Paulus established the GJP hotel and resort group.

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A is a successful company that has developed partnerships with hotels chains, airlines, and sea carriers. CVC’s prominent position in Brazil’s tourism industry impacts the Brazilian economy by providing jobs for people in the tourism industry. CVC’s success has also impacted governments in other countries. Paulus has received awards for his contribution to the tourism industry by the government of France, and cities in Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States. Paulus has also received many awards in his home country of Brazil.

Paulus has been honored and achieved recognition by several newspapers. Paulus continues to seek business opportunities by acquiring new assets. Paulus acquired the small airline Webjet which owned one airplane, and he expanded it until it became a top airline in Brazil. Once the airline was successful Paulus sold it in 201l.


Malcolm Casselle – CIO of the World’s Leading Bitcoin Merchant

Malcolm CasSelle is a chief information officer of OPSkins, a global leader in in-game virtual assets sales. The company is also the world’s leading bitcoin merchant. It has a following of users from all over the world who regularly make cross-border micro-payments, making the company a prime candidate when it comes to market size as well as demand for a protocol that’s decentralized.

The company is the number one centralized marketplace for virtual assets, but there are always limitations to the technological abilities of all centralized technologies. This makes the virtual assets decentralized marketplace the natural next action in the progression.

OPSkins creators are launching a brand new blockchain platform designed for virtual asset trading, known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). Worldwide Asset eXchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace for virtual assets trading. It’s built upon a blockchain foundation and decentralized smart contracts that are going to allow sellers and buyers to trade virtual assets with each another efficiently.

About Malcolm Casselle

He holds a master’s degree in computer science, which he earned from Stanford University. He also has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, which he received from MIT. Casselle is the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange and the CIO of OPSkins. Before WAX, he served as president and CTO of New Ventures at tronc, which was formerly Tribune Publishing. Before tronc, Inc., Casselle was the general manager, Digital Media and senior vice president of SeaChange International.

He joined the company in the year 2015 as apart of the SeaChange International’s acquisition of Timeline Labs. While in Timeline Lab, he served as its chief executive officer. Previously, he led many startup companies in the digital industry. These startups include Xfire, MediaPass, and the joint venture of Groupon with Tencent in China. Also, Casselle has been an active investor in popular companies like Zynga, Facebook, and funds in blockchain verticals and big data.

Earlier in his career, he was the co-founder PCCW, which is a publicly Hong Kong-based traded telecom currently valued at over 35 billion dollars.

During his career, Casselle helped in raising millions for the public offering for PCCW and also hundreds of millions of dollars for other private transactions.

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Jim Larkin: 20th Century Labor Leader

Jim Larkin is regarded by many as being the most influential labor and union leader in Irish history. His effectiveness and actions were commended by George Bernard Shaw, and a statue in Jim Larkin’s honor stands prominently in Dublin.

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool into a family that was in the working-class. At an early age, Mr. Larkin started working on the docks in order to help his family. Early on in his working life, Mr. Larkin came to be believe that workers were exploited by business owners.

Mr. Larkin believed that workers needed to be organized into strong trade unions so that they could collectively stand up against the business owners. He wanted the workers to demand increased wages and safer working conditions.

In 1908, Jim Larkin founded his own trade union known as the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. From 1908 through 1913, this trade union engaged in a number of strikes seeking better working conditions. In 1913, the Dublin Lockout saw over 100,000 workers strike.

Jim Larkin’s activity wasn’t limited to union organizing. He was active on the political front as well. In 1912, Mr. Larkin and his associates founded the Irish Labour Party. This party continues to be active to this day with seven members of the party serving in the Irish Parliament.

After a period of trying to seek labor union support in the United States, Jim Larkin returned to Ireland to work for worker’s rights and increased wages. Over the ensuing years, Jim Larking and the labor movement were successful in reducing the working hours in a day and in seeing working conditions improve. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner

Jim Larkin passed away in 1947. The union that he created still works to organize workers and improve worker’s lives.

Finance Business

Infinity Group Australia Becomes the Personal Financial Coach of Choice

In the personal finance industry, one company is making headlines in Australia. The firm happens to be Infinity Group Australia. It was founded in the year 2013 by Graeme Holm. Since its inception, it has radically transformed the lives of many Australians. It uses a customer-driven approach towards understanding the various needs of the clients. Although many people are educated and seem to have successful careers, they still experience a lot of problems while managing their personal finances. It is at this point that Infinity Group comes in to assist. The firm is growing very fast and has become an icon as far as household debt reduction and management of personal finances are concerned in Australia.

Australia has a robust economy. It is characterized by strong financial institutions and sound systems in the financial sector. As such, people can easily access loans. However, this  access to loans if not adequately exploited, it can lead to personal financial problems. Many people have credit cards which they use to access consumer loans and buy household goods. Some of these goods are not necessities. People buy them merely because they have access to credit. This is the notion this firm serves to stop once and for all. The firm has played a significant role in the lives of Australians by helping them to distinguish between what they need and what the want. The firm advises its clients to concentrate on necessities since these loans have to be repaid with interest. As such, it has assisted many people from falling into the trap of buying luxuries using borrowed cash.

Perhaps another area the firm is assisting its clients is in the part of mortgages. Home loans are provided to the eligible people in a bid to ensure that individuals have access to decent housing. However, mortgage corporations do not go a step further to advice these customers on how they can repay these loans without undergoing a lot of struggles. Typically, borrowers would take more than twelve months to repay the bulk of their principal on loans. That is not all. They repay these loans for more than three decades. Worried by this trend, Infinity Group stepped in to advise people on how they can pay these loans with flexibility and over a shorter duration of time. After engaging in extensive research, they are now assisting borrowers to repay the bulk of their principal on loans for less than three months. Additionally, borrowers acting on the advice on Infinity Group can fully their loans in a span of between seven to ten years. Learn more :

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Meet Brian Torchin CEO Of HCRC Staffing

Healthcare is the biggest business in the United States. Crucial to our everyday lives, everybody gets sick one time or another. We need well-trained health care professionals to take care of our medical needs. Brian Torchin is one of those individuals that help place quality healthcare professionals. He places them in most needed areas. Brian Torchin is the CEO HCRC Staffing. He has a unique perspective. He brings workers to healthcare facilities around the world. More about of Brian Torchin at Digital Journal

Based out of Philadelphia, HCRC Staffing is one of the biggest staffing companies in the country. HCRC Staffing has sites in all 50 states. The company also works in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia. Brain Torchin has a degree in sports medicine, physical therapy. and studied at the University of Delaware. He is also a licensed chiropractor from the New York Chiropractic College. He has plenty of skills that make him one of the most qualified recruiters in the industry. Brian Torchin main goal is to provide quality healthcare professionals for the job. He places them in areas in which they are the most effective.

Brian Torchin brings in almost 15 years of experience to his profession. He is a strong believer that the customer comes first. He has maintained this philosophy has made his business success. He is very active on the company’s blog and published many publications. Brian Torchin love opened in questions to ask potential employees. He likes them because it is the best way for the applicants to get a better image of themselves. He wants the applicant to become aggressive with their answers. He wants to hear them say “I want to be the boss one day”. Brian Torchin spends most of his time tweaking the hiring process. This way he can get the most out of the people that he hires. Brian Torchin is the best recruiter in the country.