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End Citizens United Intensifies Its Campaign Against Representatives Backed By Money Groups

End Citizens United continues its onslaught against the representatives who are backed by dark money groups as the 2018 Congress election nears. The PAC that is known for its works for transparency in election finance declared that it would target 20 Republican candidates in 2018 Congress elections. Interestingly, ECU has named them as Big Money 20 – a group of 20 candidates to the Congress and all of them are from the Republican Party. End Citizens United confirmed that these representatives are infamous for giving special consideration to money groups over their electorates by accepting heavy donations and letting down the campaign finance reform efforts along with creating or backing legislation that favors big donors.

The Big Money 20 list contained Paul Ryan – the House Speaker, two Senators, and 17 House Representatives, who are worst among worst in Congress, according to Tiffany Muller, ECU’s Executive Director. Interestingly, End Citizens United has laid out plans to raise $35 million from grass root members to intensify its campaign before 2018 election. If the PAC could achieve the target, it would account $10 million more than $25 million accumulated during Presidential Election 2016. While coming to the list of Big Money 20 representatives, most of them are facing fierce competition this time. However, independent political analysts say that both Ryan and Cruz are found to be facing lesser threat this time.

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Interestingly, End Citizens United has restricted the contribution limit for individuals to $5,000 to align with its fight against big money morally. A vast majority of its small donations are coming from the enthusiastic three million members of the PAC in the grass root level. This type of raising of funds sends messages to people who aspire to change the system. A Pollster Al Quinlan survey showed that big money from dark groups in politics is a serious concern of independent voters. Interestingly, people are found to be more influenced by the campaign finance reform messages compared to conventional Democratic campaign messages. Muller confirmed that the ECU wants to deliver the same message in 2018 campaigns. She also added that the PAC is going to use all the resources.

End Citizens United was founded by a number of political activists in the year 2015 to counter the filthy effects of Citizens United 2010 verdict. The verdict of the Supreme Court was a major blow to the American election system as it allowed money groups to flow money into election campaigning, uncontrolled and unaccounted. The PAC wanted to override the consequences of the verdict by making legislation that ensures transparent and accounted election finance system. For that purpose, End Citizens United wants as many numbers of pro-reform candidates as possible being elected to both the houses in the upcoming elections.

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How Samuel Strauch Became A Very Successful Miami Real Estate Agent

Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent in Miami, Florida. He has an extensive educational background and earned his bachelor’s degree at Hofstra University. He also attended by Erasmus University and Harvard University where he obtained advanced degrees. While he started out his professional career in the financial industry before long he moved back to South Florida where he began working for his family’s real estate company. After learning extensively about real estate he opened his own firm, Metrik Real Estate, in January 2002.

While Metrick Real Estate started out small, under Samuel Strauch’s leadership as the company’s Principal it now helps people internationally buy real estate in Miami. His firm offers three main services which are acting as a real estate brokerage, offering property management services, and finally equity & development. He has a main office in Miami and has opened satellite offices in a number of Latin American countries. Many Latin Americans are interested in owning real estate in Miami as a way of diversifying their portfolios and making money by owning real estate in an area that is rapidly developing.

Many of the properties that Samuel Strauch works with are luxury residences, including single family homes and condos. One of his recently listed properties, for example, is an 8,300 square foot home that has five bedrooms and seven baths. That property is listed for $65 million. Another luxury home he is the real estate agent for is also a huge luxury home that he has listed for $34 million.

Outside of his interest in Miami real estate, Samuel Strauch is also an active investor in other industries. He has put his money into a number of restaurants in the Miami area. Additionally, he has invested in internet businesses. In this way he diversifies his money so that not everything is tied up in the real estate market.

It was upon his return to Miami that he saw the opportunity real estate had in the area. At the time Miami was thought of as mainly being a place to take a vacation. He saw that there were a large number of new real estate developments being worked on. He also saw that the city was developing into a metropolis with many businesses moving into the area. He saw that this was an opportunity for him to connect international buyers of real estate and other investors as a way of building Metrik Real Estate into a very successful company.

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Unique Business Model of Fabletics is Allowing Them to Pass the Competition

When women head out to run errands they want to be two things, cute and comfortable. Women sometimes struggle with finding clothes that help them achieve both of those things. That’s because women’s body sizes are so vastly different and many clothing stores and companies across the country tend to operate off a one size fits all model. Luckily, more companies are coming into business that offer a plethora of sizes and styles so that a woman can find what she’s looking for. When it comes to stylish clothes to run daily errands in, many are turning towards athleisure-wear. It’s a style of clothing in which a woman can conquer anything whether it’s shopping, hitting the gym, taking a class, or grabbing lunch. The clothes are practical, supportive, and cute.


Nobody does athleisure-wear quite like Fabletics does. They’re a company that started off solely online. This helped them in their fight against showrooming. With many other companies, buyers will browse clothing online and then find it cheaper elsewhere. That’s not the case for Fabletics because they’ve become the leader in activewear. They’ve got a variety of clothing and styles that appeal to women all over the country. The clothes are also affordable.


Fabletics runs off a unique subscription-based business model where buyers can purchase individual clothing pieces and outfits online. Otherwise, they can sign up where they get unique outfits tailored towards them each month. They can choose to purchase that outfit or skip if it doesn’t appeal to them. This helps them always have access to variety. Consumers also get the latest deals this way. This is just one of the many ways that Fabletics is taking on Amazon. Amazon has long been the leader when it comes to clothing sales, but it appears that Fabletics has found their niche.


Another reason that Fabletics is doing so well is that they have Kate Hudson on their side. Kate Hudson has long been known for her charming looks and personalities in a slew of feel-good movies. She’s just as charming off-screen as she is on and that’s why Fabletics decided they needed her on their side. She’s helped them grow into a hugely successful company ever since the beginning.


That’s because Hudson cares about the clothing. She’s seen in advertisements, interviews, and all over social media wearing the brand. She supports Fabletics and believes in their style and quality.