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Madison Street Capital organize Minority Recapitalization for VA Ares Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital Advisors, LLC offered financial advice in arranging a minority recapitalization of equity and subordinated debt investment for VA Ares Security Corporation. VA Ares Security Corporation is one of their client based in Vienna. Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the minority recapitalization. This is a private equity firm that specializes in minority recapitalization, growth capital, acquisitions, and buy-out investments. Reginald McGaugh is the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital. He led the transaction process that was announced by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital.


VA Ares Security Corporation is a leading enterprise security risk management that has developed Avert solutions since 1999. It aims at protecting the world’s most critical assets with a high-end suite of technology software that provides end to end security solutions. Reginald McGaugh said that it was a great privilege to work with Ben Eazzetta who is the President and shareholder of Ares Security. He cited that the company has a superior management team that challenged them to identify the appropriate financing partner. Ben Eazzetta complemented the Madison Street Capital for the good work of doing the due diligence, valuation analysis, and the raising process of capital. Ares Security partnering with Corbel to creatively structure the investment was the best decision toward creating significant equity value. The company projects sales growth and new revenue opportunities with Corbels industry contacts through the Corbel’s flexible capital solution and operationally-supportive partnership.


Madison Street Capital is an experienced global investment banking firm with a middle-market focus. It is based in Illinois-Chicago. It is a privately held enterprise that provides corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise, valuation services, financial advice, public opinions, and privately held companies. It is committed to integrity, excellence, leadership, and service in delivery to succeed in the global marketplace. It has the knowledge, vast experience, and extensive relationships to match today’s top middle market investment banking firms. They are dedicated to achieving the client’s goals and objectives by performing the best services for them. The services range from financial advisory, successful raising of capital, M&A transactions, and ultimately to transfers of ownership. Madison Capital is embracing emerging markets to help drive the global growth of their clients. It focuses on the significant assets in the markets. The Madison Street Capital reputation has earned their full range of trust from customers because of their superior dedication to the highest levels of professional standards in their services delivery.

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Karl Heideck For Best Legal Representation

Contact Karl Heideck For Best Legal Representation
Contact Karl Heideck For Best Legal Representation

Litigation process refers to the procedures or proceeding between two opposing parties; one enforcing while the other one defending a legal right. The settlement of a dispute occurs when the two warring parties agree. However, it may also be decided after a hearing before a judge and jury. Unlike what most people believe, litigation is not similar to a lawsuit. Litigation is a continuous process that involves several activities before, during, and after a lawsuit is settled as a means of enforcing a legal right. The litigation process includes a number of other procedures apart from the lawsuit itself. These are the arbitrations, pre-suit negotiations, facilitations, and appeals.

For litigation process to become successful, there is need to have a competent litigator. This attorney specializes in the litigation process. The role of the litigator or trial attorney is to represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases as well as manage all phases of the litigation procedure. They are responsible for following up investigations, handling pleadings, and discovery pre-trials as well as the trial, settlement, and appeals processes. The task of a litigator is diverse and essential in a successful outcome.

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Karl Heideck- Expert in Litigation Procedures
Karl Heideck is a renowned attorney whose specialty is in managing risk and compliance practices. Karl is situated in Philadelphia. He also bears skills in different aspects such as legal writing, product liability, commercial litigation, corporate law and legal research. Karl Heideck has over one decade of active practicing experience.

Karl Heideck also has the necessary academic qualifications that make him stand out in the world of litigation. His first degree was in English and Literature from the Swarthmore College. He proceeded to the Beasley law school in Tempe University from which he graduated with honors in law. Academic excellence coupled with very crucial experience makes Karl Heideck an excellent and reliable litigator.