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Omar Boraie- The Man behind the Stunning Development of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie was born in Egypt but is currently residing in New Brunswick, NJ. He is a Ph.D. holder in chemistry who decided to venture into real estate market. Mr. Boraie is a real estate businessman, philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development LLC in 1986 and is currently assisted by his children to manage the corporation. The company is committed to developing and managing properties in New Brunswick and has since transformed the city into a regional economic hub.

Omar believes in offering quality, top-end services to his customers and this is why he only transacts with reputable firms and persons to see through his company’s visionary developments. Moreover, Boraie has a team of experienced property managers that inspect and approve the company’s property developments before they are sold.

Initially, when Omar arrived in New Brunswick, he had big plans to develop the city through the construction of modern buildings, classy apartments, and community houses. Many doubted his plans because New Brunswick was a dying neighborhood. Boraie had since proved himself as he has constructed several projects that have transformed New Brunswick including The Aspire, Rector Street, and Albany Street Plaza. The Aspire is a stunning 17-story luxurious apartment located near the city’s train station. It was designed to entice high-end individuals, and it offers janitorial services as well. Boraie Development has also constructed a 25 story residential complex equipped with roof decks and health clubs. Furthermore, Boraie Development has also initiated several on-going projects in Atlantic City and Newark.

Omar Boraie is not only a real-estate developer in New Brunswick but is also a leading philanthropist in the area as well. According to, he has participated in many different causes, and he also serves as a Board of Trustees for the State Theatre in New Brunswick. Moreover, Omar is among the directors of Elijah’s Promise, a Non-Profit company that provides food to the homeless in New Brunswick. The organization donates approximately 100,000 meals via its café, catering business, and soup kitchen each year. Additionally, the establishment also offers social service, affordable meals, and vocational training in courses like culinary arts, and baking. Also see,

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Using Wen By Chez Conditioner

All of us are quite careful about the beauty products we use, especially for our hair. This is because it is very difficult to undo any damage to our hair. Hence there is always skepticism about using any new product such as Wen by Chaz conditioner.

This product is becoming so popular, and people are singing praises about it. Hence anybody would be keen to know if all these claims are really true. This is why it is worth taking a risk. After all, there is no other way to know the truth.

The best thing about Wen by Chaz conditioner is that it can be used for any type of hair. Typically so much time is wasted while looking for the specific hair products that can suit a particular kind of hair. With Wen by Chaz, this is not a concern.

The products are available on QVC stores and Guthy-Renker and are easy on the pocket too. Usually, any hair wash regimen would include using shampoo, then rinsing it off. This would be followed by using a conditioner, leaving it on hair for some time and then rinsing it off. This meant a lot of time and effort. It is quite an issue in case there is no time shortage, which is a regular feature with most people today.

In the case of Wen by Chaz, a higher amount of the product is needed. This is because it is doing the work of shampoo as well as conditioner too. This needs to be applied to hair like any other shampoo and then rinsed off. The impact comes immediately after the first wash. Hair becomes smooth, shiny and easy to manage. But for those using it for the first time, hair can get back to their original state the very next day. Hence they need to be washed yet again by Wen by Chaz conditioner. But the impact is worth it!

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Philanthropist, Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is a Devoted Person to Philanthropic Causes

If you are not aware of who Dick Devos is, well you are about to find out. Dick Devos is one of the nation’s top donors for many charitable causes. He is a billionaire and an heir to the Amway fortune. Devos is the son of Richard Devos who is a co-founder of Amway. Devos has operated his father’s company in the past and helped to make it an extremely profitable organization under his leadership.


These days, Devos is no longer running his father’s business. He is now the president of The Windquest Group. Devos uses his vast resources and finances to fund his charitable contributions that he makes through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. This non-profit organization is designed to provide contributions to various causes that Dick and his wife believe in.


By the way, Dick is the husband of Betsy Devos who is the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education under Donald Trump. Betsy follows her husband’s lead with making donations for causes. Her position as the nation’s leading educational figure has helped to elevate the Devos’s platform for giving.


The field of education is an important platform for the Devos family. Dick and his wife Betsy are really passionate about education because they realize that it is fundamental to achieving the American Dream. Devos realized well over 20 years ago, that if people do not have the proper education they will not be able to achieve the success that they want and need in life.


Devos and his wife also enjoys helping parents and other educators who are involved within the field of education. Years ago, when Devos’s children were school-aged students; he realized that they had a connection with other parents and even teachers.


He faced the same challenges and problems that they were going through when it came to providing their children a high-quality education. Strange as this might sound; even a financially well off family can have “under-educated” children. It happens a lot more than people believe.


Devos and his wife also started the West Michigan Aviation Acaemy which is a charter school in Grand Rapids, Michigan for future pilots. He has also provided support for school choice policies and for vouchers. Devos is passionate about this cause and he pushes for it on a regular basis. Devos also gives to the arts and other organizations such as after school programs.


Devos wants to help people. He is committed to this cause. He knows that the new standard of wealth in modern times is measured by philanthropic giving. In other words, people who really have money must help others with it to show their true financial wealth. Devos (and his wife) is committed to taking this action. He wants to ensure that people are receiving the aid that they need. Devos also wants to do his part with making the United States a better place to be for everyone.