How Fabletics Is Rivaling Predecessors Fashion Brands And Merchandising Websites

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics rivals predecessor brands by setting up a direct relationship with their customers. Instead of merchandising their items through sites such as Amazon, Fabletics requires consumers to sign up for their online store and subscribe to receive their items of choice on a monthly basis. Fabletics success is a contribution of its digital presence and accurate representation of elements that are in stock in their physical shops. Kate Hudson states that Fabletics thrives on providing customers with satisfactory services by collecting regular data on their preferences in style, design and customer service. To date, a lot of clients have publicly reviewed Fabletics and upvoted their fast resolutions after customer complaints, easy-to-use site, and cute, affordable outfits.


Trust Pilot is the largest online review platform in the world. The portal gives millions of customers a famed forum to voice their opinions about brands, services, and products. The reviews featured on the site help millions of prospective customers find useful information regarding their brand of choice, before investing money, effort and time into it. Trust Pilot receives approximately 20,000 reviews daily, and 750,000 reviews monthly, for various products and services. Currently, it has more than 26 million reviews featuring over 152,000 companies internationally. Trust Pilot administrators believe that is vital to give consumers a chance to give original comments about an investment that they have made. Tayce Zeleke is one of the millions who use Trust Pilot to review products. She recently stated through the site that Fabletics is a brilliant manufacturer and merchandiser of sportswear. M. Davis, another Trust Pilot reviewer, commended Fabletics for their inclusion of larger sized sports bras.


The Krazy Koupon Lady is a famous blogger who regularly features reviews on stores such as Sephora, Crazy 8, Home Depot and Amazon. The blogger stated that the best Fabletics sales package is the VIP membership program that discount’s a customer’s full outfit to only 49.95 dollars, from the typical 100 dollars. As a VIP member, The Krazy Koupon Lady received her first items for only 25 dollars, with free shipping. In her review of Fabletics, she clarified the misconception that Fabletics will always deduct an amount from one’s credit card, after skipping a month of shopping from the store. One is required to log into Fabletics between the 1st and 5th days of a month and click “skip a month” to avoid unnecessary charges. Overall, the blogger recommends Fabletics for their high-quality items that rival those of Lululemon and discounted prices that almost match up to those at Target.

Entrepreneurs, Philanthropist

The Role of Marc Sparks Timber Creek, LP


The role of business incubators is to ensure that startups get through the beginning; it is always the hardest. It is estimated that more than half of all the young businesses nose-dive due to lack of guidance and mentorship.

If every business got an incubator, then the number of the successful startups would rise. Marc Sparks is the founder of Timber Creek Capital a company that specializes in incubating startups and ensuring that they are successful.

Reason to why Incubation is Important

  • While business is under incubation stage, it saves lots of finances due to sharing of the facilities and other expenses. There are lower chances of making stupid mistakes that may lead to loss, and this keeps startups lots of money making them more likely to succeed and become a fully-fledged business.
  • Most of the startups have no prior knowledge in management. Incubators provide these startups with the administration tips since they are experienced and manage these firms in the early stages to avoid having them collapse due to management issues. Hiring a qualified manager can be expensive for a startup and by having incubators they can save the money for growth and expansion of the business.
  • Start-ups that go through the incubation, they make networks since most incubators handle various startup businesses at a time. Entrepreneurs get a chance to mingle and share ideas while they create networks which they can use in the future.
  • Also, incubation affects the economy of a country. The more the successful startups, the more the economy improves, and this affects the development of a country in terms of infrastructure and others public amenities.

About Marc Sparks

Marc is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek, LP. He has been involved in some business before he founded Timber Creek and this has exposed him to business. Marc Sparks is also an author of a popular business book titled ‘They cannot eat you.‘ Marc focuses on helping budding entrepreneurs to achieve success by providing them with incubation group through Timber Creek, LP.

Other than just business, Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist. He has collaborated with some non-profit organization to help people get better and affordable houses. Marc also has his non-profit organization which focuses on providing kids with laptop computers.

About Timber Creek, LP

Timber Creek LP is one of the companies that budding entrepreneurs look after. The company provides these entrepreneurs with incubation services helping their business go through the startup stage where most people go wrong and end up with a failed business.

The company has helped several successful businesses and still it working to reach out more entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams.


Why Fashion and Technology are Inseparable

The Relationship between Fashion and Technology

Fashion and technology grow in tandem. The two enjoy a symbiotic relationship; each benefiting from the other’s innovation from time to time.

How Fashion Propels Technology

From the 70’s boom box to the Walkman era, and now the iPod generation, and supermodels posing by new automobile series, it is clear that technology in itself is not powerful in the social spheres without the help of fashion.

Fashion attaches value and popularity to technological innovations. Meaning, the technology industry does the making, and then the fashion industry takes over – making it “cool”, or fashionable.

Tech Fashion

Fashion designers attest to scaling new heights thanks to technology. One of them is Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer who merges technology and fashion to get beautiful and functional hybrids.

With regards to technology, the designer popularly known for Pseudomorphs – the self-painting dress, and DareDroid – the drink-making dress says, “It’s like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”

Tech Fashion and Saving Energy

Another interesting morph of the fashion and technology is the newly created clothing which captures kinetic energy – brought about by movement. This energy is then converted to electric energy and used to power gadgets like mp3 player and watch.

Tech Fashion and Safety

On the other hand, fashion designers Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon created Frontline Gloves which is a positive contribution towards safeguarding Firefighters. With their gloves, simple hand gestures convey critical information, faster. For example: “exit”, “all right”, and “go”.

Tech Fashion and the Environment

Additionally, the fashion industry has been clearing technology industry’s environmental mess. Jewelers make accessories out of scrap from tech items, some fashion designers have made functional bags, jackets, and t-shirts from bicycle tubes.

Tech Fashion’s Social Impact

Socially, fashion has made otherwise uninteresting technology innovations acceptable. A good example is Google Glass. Before top fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg salvaged the situation, they were just for geeks. That was until her models wore them while on the catwalk. Then Google Glass switched from boring to trendy.

Christopher Burch

This fact is appreciated by among others, Christopher Burch, Founder, and CEO of Burch Creative Capital; who is dedicated to “creating disruptive ideas that have a direct positive and lasting impact on people’s lives”.

The Future of Tech Fashion

Christopher Burch, the famed investor with a keen interest in luxury fashion brand says, “The excitement of tomorrow lies in what both industries learn from each other to make this world a more beautiful, creative, and protected place in which to live.”