Communication Professionals, Honorable Mention

Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO Angie Koch Accepted The Awards Of Excellence from the Association Of Marketing And Communication Professionals Recently

U.S. Money Reserve has a reputation for being one of the top companies in the rare coin industry, but the company can add a couple of other awards to their collection of achievements. The Association of Marketing And Communication Professionals recently gave U.S. Money Reserve two Awards of Excellence in the TV/Commercial/Product and Creative Cinematography categories,according to a article.

The Award of Excellence is given to commercial products that are written, edited produced, and shot with a high-level of creativity. U.S. Money Reserve won the award for an infomercial titled “Testimonial Show.” That infomercial had actual U.S. Money Reserve clients talking about their experience with the company. People like race car legend Richard Petty took part in the award-winning infomercial.

Angie Koch, the Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Money Reserve, put out a statement that said the company was honored to receive the awards. Koch also commended her media, marketing and production teams for putting together such quality work.

The judges of the 2016 Videographer Awards receive more than 1,500 entries before they made their decision. U.S. Money Reserve won a bronze award at the 37th Telly Awards recently for the TV spot entitled “Philip Diehl IRA,” so the company is on a roll for their media efforts, according to Phil Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve and the former director of the United States Mint.

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals is a group of thousands of marketing, advertising, communication, public relations, media and freelance professionals. Entries are judged in 20 categories, and three awards are given in each category. The awards are the Award of Excellence, the Award of Distinction, and Honorable Mention.

According to PR Newswire an Glassdoor, the executive team of Phil Diehl and Angie Koch have turned the 16-year-old U.S. Money Reserve into one of the top private distributors of U.S. and foreign government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. The rare coin business has enjoyed a surge in popularity thanks to the gold and silver market.

Collectors, as well as investors, are adding gold coins to their investment portfolios and IRA accounts because the value of those coins is increasing faster than any time in the past. The winning TV spot about adding rare coins to IRA accounts was one of the ideas Phil Diehl brought to the company when he left government service. Angie Koch was recently named a regular blogger for the Huffington Post, so both executives are getting a lot of media exposure for their creativity and business sense.

Martis Valley West, Save Lake Tahoe'

CEO Andy Wirth’s Expansion Status

Squaw Valley Resort has successfully passed another hurdle in their expansion plan. They are working on their way for approval. The Placer County Planning Commission gave their stamp of approval, and now the project would proceed for final approval at the County Board of Supervisors in the fall. Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

The CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth, stated that he is pleased with the meeting’s civility and the discussion concerning a key issue. He further stated that what struck him the other day is that they can all agree that the current transit and traffic circumstance is not acceptable. On the other hand, he stated that this issue has little or nothing to do with his company’s effects for the redevelopment project.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe’s deputy director, Jesse Patterson, stated that the region is not able to handle more traffic. He also stated their concern for the possible inability of good future projects for the Lake due to the issue of there being no room for traffic.

According to Bloomberg, in response to this concern, Andy Wirth stated that he desire to lead in solving the traffic issue. He also stated that they have developed some initiatives that he thinks might be brought to the attention of voters as soon as this or next fall. He further stated that this is to fund a reliable and credible mass transit system for the whole north Lake Tahoe and to fund the whole Placer County.

In response to Wirth’s last statements, Patterson said that he desires to see that on paper because he feels that this presentation is very nice, but it’s all talk. He also stated that he’s not accusing him of not being genuine, but right now it’s just all talk. Also, he said that there’s no substantive commitment of such statements in the environmental document.

So far, everyone just have to wait to see how things work out. Additionally, the Martis Valley West and Squaw proposals are both taken into consideration for this fall. And a new north Tahoe land use is being drafted by the Placer Board of Supervisors.

About Andy Wirth

There’s more than meets the eye to Andy Wirth. He’s more than the typical CEO- he’s also a major contributor to community service and environmental service organizations within the Lake Tahoe area. The focus in his contribution is to improve the area in general for everyone.

Andy is also the co-founder of the Wounded Warrior Support, an Ironman team. He co-founded this worthwhile organization, that raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation, after undergoing a nearly fatal skydiving accident.

Expansion of Business

Fabletics Stores Are Now Open And Ready For Business

Many who are JustFab fans were more than excited when they found out about the Fabletics company that was cofounded by Kate Hudson because of the kinds of items that the online store would be selling. Instead of the certain fashions that are sold in the JustFab stores, the Fabletics stores would be selling only athletic wear. Although athletic wear can be found in many types of stores online, as well as in storefronts, Fabletics has chosen to open several stores and plans on opening more in order to cater to all of their customers in many different locations.

The goal for Fabletics is to have a hundred stores open by five years tops, and this goal is very achievable, especially since they’ve already opened their seventh store so far. Instead of keeping Fabletics as an online store, opening up storefronts has allowed them to reach other customers that may have had a hard time shopping online. Not everyone currently has a credit or debit card that they can use to shop online, and some prefer not to shop online at all due to the security risks. Even those with excellent firewalls and protection against hackers are still worried about shopping online, hence why they would rather shop in a store.

Fabletics is going to benefit from the many people who choose to shop in their stores on Facebook, and with more stores coming soon, there will be a lot of people in different areas that will be able to benefit from them, just as it states in the Racked article online. Kate Hudson, as well as Adam Goldenberg, both have a dream that they will bring Fabletics to many different customers and excel past their current sales, which is over 800,000 items being shipped each month. With the opening of the stores, it’s easily possible for their sales will progress even further, especially when more and more stores are going to be opening in the future.

Another bonus is the fact that Fabletics allows its customers to sign up for membership within the store, which only used to be available online. Similar to signing up for membership online, those who sign up for membership in the store can use it the same way as they would use it online. The Fabletics membership fee is $49.95, and constant usage of the membership will build up points to use towards any purchases in the store. The membership fee paid is also spendable in the online store or the storefront, so the customer will never lose their membership fee. With new products that are always coming in, it’s very easy for an athlete or someone who is always active to find great activewear products at Fabletics. See:

Spirituality, Wisdom of Kabbalah

The Teachings of Kabbalah Increase Joy and Self-Fulfillment

The spiritual wisdom that is Kabbalah, originated thousands of years ago before there was a Bible or any written history. The principles of Kabbalah existed before the Jewish nation was formed when the nation left Egypt and they formed the nation in Israel.

Kabbalah is not a religion, it is a spiritual path of wisdom to a positive lifestyle affecting the environment they live in. Kabbalah is taught using practical tools to assist the student in being self-fulfilled and finding the joy that is inside of every human being.

Kabbalah Centres

Kaballah Centres are the physical locations where students come for classes. The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in Israel by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Today, there are 40 Centres in cities around the world that teach courses, support dinners for the students and also study the energy places that the older Kabbalists have established.

Until the Internet became popular, a Kabbalah Centre was the only place someone could receive the teachings that lead to the inner joy and fulfillment. Now, the Kabbalah University is online and a student can take classes or find out about events from anywhere.

Kabbalah Centres are founded on the concept of volunteering in their community. Sharing yourself in a way that is permanent and beneficial to the world around you is deeply fulfilling, says Karen berg.

Karen Berg, a learned Kabbalahist and her husband, established a Kabbalah Centre in the U.S. after studying in Israel, and the couple translated hundreds of ancient documents of Kabbalah into different languages. Simply put, Kabbalah is the world’s oldest spiritual wisdom. It contains hidden keys to the secrets of the universe, the human heart, and soul.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that promotes the spiritual principles, not as a scholarly study. The courses are practical and make the principles of Kabbalah relevant to the student’s everyday life. The instructors at the Kabbalah Centres provide spiritual tools that allow the student to improve their own lives, therefore making better choices. When the understanding of the principles is utilized, they improve the world.

More information for the Kabbalah Centre: