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How Thor Halvorssen Is Trying To Help The World

There are people all over the world who are in chains that do not deserve to be. Some of those chains are metaphorical and some are physical. In western culture, we are often blind to what is happening or we just do not want to think about it. But there really are political prisoners throughout the world. According to his Wikipedia page, that is what Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his life to solving. He does not want to allow these millions of innocent people who are suffering to fall into the halls of the forgotten. As this article said, he is consumed in helping the people of Korea to gain their independence from their psychopathic tyrant.

What Is Happening?

What is happening in North Korea is what happens when the government has full control. That is not to say that governmental rulers are always evil. But when you have a system wherein the government has all of the power, there will be an evil tyrant only a few short years away.

Free Speech

Further, the people of North Korea do not have basic human rights, such as the right to free speech. This is what one can expect when there is a tyrant. Tyrants cannot handle any opposition, so they will instead stomp it out and disallow it. That is why men such as Thor Halvorssen are so important to places such as North Korea. It shows them that there really are people who have the courage to speak out against dictators. Perhaps he will stand as a model and encourage others to do likewise.

About HalvorSsen

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate. He finds the places of the world where there are the greatest human rights violations and he labors to find a good solution.

In fact, that is why so many rulers dislike him. He prevents them from taking advantage of others. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to learn more.