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Thor’s Experienced Viewpoints of Socialism

Bernie Sanders wants America to become a socialist country. The Democratic Party, which Bernie Sanders represents, is turning on him for this view. Leading the charge is Thor Halvorssen, the president and founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He believes socialism violates basic human rights, and he spoke with Fox News’ Trish Regan to defend his viewpoint.


He feels socialism is fine in countries where governments work with the people on this view. However, it doesn’t work with hidden agenda governments who display democracy as a cover. Underneath, these countries represent dictatorship, where they have complete control over the people and their rights. Trish backtracks and asks Thor to explain socialism to the viewers. He sees socialism as many definitions and cannot select a winner, so he narrows his viewpoint down to this: government socialism greatly differs from a socialist policy.


Trish switches the subject to ask Thor about his opinion on how socialist countries operate. She alludes to looting, and he agrees, using Venezuela as proof. Despite his opposing view, he gave a large donation to Bernie Sanders’ campaign to Trish’s shock. He says the democratic frontrunner has taken money from various dictatorship countries that oppose hot-button issues, and he can’t support her. On the Republican side, he said the frontrunner sides with Vladimir Putin, and that’s awful too. Both frontrunners have flaws he cannot support.


Trish realizes his viewpoint came from experience, and he agrees, elaborating his stance further on Venezuela’s government. Additionally, redistributing wealth will not end poverty, but more wealth will. He ends the interview by saying he supports free markets.

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